Anni Jowett’s Christmas concert report from Bergen 2015

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Oh, the weather outside was frightful,
but the company was so delightful.
And since we had some place to go
Let it go! Let it go, Let it go.

When we finally say goodnight,
How I’ll hate going out in the storm!
But, as he really hugged me tight,
All the way home I felt warm!

Now the tour bus is loudly revving,
me and dear Marian are still good-by-ing.
But, as long I love Stille Natt
I will go! I will go! I will go!

Oh, rain didn’t show signs of stopping,
So we caught some crabs for cooking
The lights are turned way down low,
Candles glow! Koselig Tid! Candles glow!


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I was delighted to hear that Alexander Rybak was returning to the Stille Natt Hellige Natt tour in 2015. I attended two of the concerts in 2012 and three concerts in 2013. A result of which I got to know and love the other artists in the tour in addition to my star attraction Alexander. I really missed them all in 2014, these concerts would really put me in the Christmas mood. Yes as a foreigner there is a lot I don’t understand, but that doesn’t dampen my enjoyment, the music and mood is universal. So this year I knew, like Alexander… I had to return. It was certain I would go to Oslo, but when Hilde suggested it was a good time to visit Bergen, and I have always wanted to visit Bergen, I decided to accept her invitation. Before I knew it I had booked flights and tickets for FOUR concerts for the 2015 tour.

So last weekend I was flying across Europe Skies heading for Bergen. I wasn’t disappointed. Of course my main focus always is on Alexander, and without making any spoilers, he delivered his solos perfectly, I was moved to tears in his final piece… I swear his violin actually has a voice. I was very excited by the addition of Maria Haukaas Mittet this year, as I have always wanted to see her live. She brought a great energy to the concert…..especially engaging the audience to sing along with her. Marian Aas Hansen and Rune Larsen are such warm friendly people, it’s so lovely that they make you feel so at home there with them. Alexander was received really well with great applause and respect from the audience. Plus so many people could be seen clutching onto their Trolle books in their seats eagerly waiting for the signing at the end of the show. Tor Endresen lives in Bergen, so it was no surprise he received the standing ovation ( I think Alexander will have this privilege in Oslo for sure, he deserved it) Tor delivered his songs with his usual polish, I really enjoyed his performance of a Lennon Christmas classic, but missed Feliz Navidad that had been dropped.

At the end of both concerts I attended Alexander was in a warm and great mood, taking time to sign his book and focus on everyone who wanted to speak to him in the church foyer. With such an intense tour schedule and the pressure on the crew to pack up and move on, he is always calm and kind. So now my time in Bergen is over, and I sit with a smile on my face remembering the concert , good time with friends and the adventures I had exploring Bergen for the first time. I can’t wait to do it all again in Oslo.

Anni Jowett, England

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