An article about the possible reasons why Rybak left “Zirka+zirka-2” show

An article from Ukrainian Internet issue of “Komsomolskaya pravda” paper. 22 March 2011

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Found and translated by Zhanna Sergueeva.

Alexander Rybak left the project “Star+Star-2” because of the illness?

It is not excluded that one of the reasons for his leaving was difficult temperament of his partner.

Yesterday’s broadcast of the channel’s “1 +1” project “Star+ Star-2” once again ended with a surprise unexpected by  everybody. Neither jury, nor producers, nor Alexander Rybak’s partner actress Katya Kuznetsova expected that. The Norwegian star not even hitting the nomination “to drop out” requested the microphone from the host Yuri Gorbunov and announced that he concedes his place in the project to a vote loser trio of Sergey Gorobchenko and girls NeAngeli. And this is despite the fact that the duo Rybak-Kuznetsova was not even in a number of potential outsiders of the broadcast …

In fact, there were three pairs who got the least amount of points: Anastasia Stotskaya – Oskar Kuchera, Fagot – Tala Kalatay, Gorobchenko and NeAngeli. But since one can vote only for two pairs, the jury retained by it’s will Stotskaya and Kuchera. And the results of voting showed that Gorobchenko and NeAngeli should leave the project. And then Alexander spoke.

– Last time the jury used its veto to retain our couple on air – he said. – But as the winner of the ESC I have a veto power too.

Katya Kuznetsova to whom Alexander said nothing about his intentions really didn’t like such a turn. As it was noted in the group, Rybak purposely didn’t notify her because he didn’t want Katya to throw a tantrum. During rehearsals the actress showed her temperament and her fiery temper so Alexander decided to do without scenes.

Who else wasn’t happy with such a noble step – it’s Sergei Gorobchenko. He tried to refuse a gift of place but his partners carefully took a microphone away from the actor so that he could not make rash statement.

It turns out that Rybak had some reasons to leave the project. The artist now has a busy working schedule – participation in the Ukrainian project, participation in “Let’s Dance” in Stockholm, concerts and trips.

– I don’t know  where I live now – he confessed – in Oslo, in Moscow or in Stockholm, – said Alexander.

Right before shooting “Star + Star -2” a heavy overwork had been superimposed by an infectious cold so that Alexander held on only by doctors. The show set was periodically visited by the medical service and before the filming emergency doctors gave a drop counter to Rybak, made injections and crammed him with tablets. In the previous programme when he was among the outsiders along with his friend Vitaly Kozlovsky, the jury used its veto power and retained the Rybak’s pair in the project. He did not even wait for the end of shooting and left the stage ….

– I am very pleased that they gave me that right, that they treated us so well, – says Alexander. – But I was so sick … I left the stage not because of some rage, but because I was really sick.

For this broadcast Rybak and Katya had prepared a good performance, but for himself Alexander had already decided all. According to him he sympathised with both Tala and Fagot and with NeAngeli and Gorobchenko, so he was ready to give his place to any of them.

– You know, I have decided so for myself, – said Rybak. – I realised that I already have a lot in my baggage: I’ve already been to Eurovision, and there, and there, and on this show I showed a lot of things. I have already been to all over Europe. And for these guys the show can now be the most important at this stage. Even more so they are from Ukraine, at home. I was very pleased to give my place.

In addition one says that things weren’t so smooth for the couple of Rybak – Kuznetsova. And even Vladimir Bebeshko once broke down and said to Katya who promised to arrange a surprise for Rybak on the stage: “Katya, you talk pretty well to the winner of ESC… Even we don’t allow that to ourselves. Even more so undeservedly.” Sasha tried several times to talk to Katya quietly, to appeal to her professionalism. But Katya could turn around and leave, locking herself in the dressing room. In response to the next song proposal it could have sounded: “I won’t sing that. Don’t want to .”

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