Amorous Alexander Rybak – Interview in Polish magazine “13” November 2010

Amorous Alexander Rybak

Alexander at the Meet & Greet with his Polish fans! ( photo from his official Facebook page)

The interview was made 6th September 2010, when Alexander visited Poland

Scan: Monika Anna Fronczak  Source: “13” Magazine, published 18.11.2010 Author: Marcelina Drozd
Translation from Polish to English: Asia Chodkowska Revised by AnniJo

It’s already our second meeting with Alexander. The reason for this is the premiere of his second album ‘No Boundaries’ and his visit to Warsaw. He tells us about his first loves, dates and disappointments!


13: We talked exactly one year ago. What has changed during that year?

AR: Wow, a lot of things have changed. First of all, I wanted to experiment with music a bit, try something new. On my new album there are of course pop songs, one rock song, one Beach Boys cover, a musical song, ballet….I also made a rap song (laughs), of course I didn’t rap, but I was singing and playing that I don’t have any luck with the girls(laughs).

13: You don’t?

AR: Yes (laughs). There was a girl, one of my violin girls who travel with me. I even wrote a song for her, I was so in love! Unfortunately, she only liked me when she thought I was unattainable, hard to get. When I wanted to be only with her, she stopped being interested in me (laughs).

13: Do you remember your first date? Or the best date you have had?

AR: My first date? I remember my first kiss. That girl was also a girl from the band. But the best dates were with the Fairytale-girl. It was so wonderful that we didn’t need to meet in expensive restaurants. We were just in love, and for us it was enough just to spend time together.

13: I’ll go back to changes, what countries have you visited this year? Where did you have concerts?

AR: I don’t remember all countries, it was about 20.

13: And in which country did you have the best success?

AR: In Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, mainly in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. But here in Poland the situation is strange because I did not promote myself as much here but I have a really big fan club. Even on Facebook I have a few hundred fans just from Poland. Recently I have met 50 people, I was able to talk to them. They were really cool people, mostly girls. (A moment of silence) On the whole there were only girls (laughs) –[He is talking about a Meet and Greet the day before with Polish fan club 🙂 ]–

13: Would you date a Polish girl?

AR: Sure! Why not.

13: Even if she was a big fan?

AR: Yes, it would even make things easier. But now I’m afraid of the young girls because when they get what they want I become too boring for them (laughs).

13: Do you remember your last year’s resolutions, wishes?

AR: Nooo.

Photo: Patrycja Pajor, Poland

13: Do you have any for next year?

AR: I can make resolutions every day. But it is much more difficult to have rules and stick to them. For example, the girl I was talking about before, broke up with me for another guy, she met in a club. Then I promised myself that I wouldn’t date girls who I accidentally met up with in clubs and now I’m dating a girl I met that way.

13: Do you like show business? Does it have any bad sides? Have you had any upsetting experiences?

AR: Life has bad sides and show business is a part of life. I have never had any bad experiences. The only thing which is difficult is the fact that I travel a lot and what is acceptable and normal in one culture can be taken as an insult in another. I have had some setbacks.

13: You’re increasingly recognised. How do you cope with the fame?

AR: That’s very nice. In Norway and Sweden, where people know me well, every day I’m featured in magazines, often someone accosts me wanting to say “hi”.

13: Is fame important to you?

AR: No, but it’s a cool thing. It’s like going to the cinema: it is not very important in life, but it gives pleasure.

13: What would you choose: career and fame or love?

AR: It depends on what you have in mind, because being in love is the worst thing that can happen to a human (laughs). Then you can’t focus on anything, you think only about this person. Every time when I fall in love, I can’t work, create. So automatically, when I choose love, my career is impossible (laughs). But friendship is also a feeling and it’s cooler, because love often turns into hate. So I would choose friendship instead of glory and fame.

13: Wouldn’t you sometimes like to be just an ordinary, normal person and live quietly somewhere?

AR: But I am an ordinary person! Although in some countries I’m very famous I still live a peaceful life.

13: Do you have any special way to chill out?

AR: Yes, PlayStation games.

13: Grand Auto theft?

AR: Not anymore! (laughs) Now I play ‘Red Redemption’. It’s the same brand of the game, based on a similar concept, but the action takes place in Wild West.

Interview in Polish Magazine

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