Alex & FaceBookies on tour through Russia. Yekaterinburg, Nov. 27th, 2009

Adventures of agents in Yekaterinburg.
(a report by Mary Grenaderova, translated and edited by J.Bezbakh)

27 November. My day started early. As anyone of Facebook Friends was not going to follow me at the airport, and Olga Zhirnova was supposed to arrive at about three o’clock from Moscow, I took another Olga from Voronezh, who arrived in Yekaterinburg for the show three days ago. Olga and I met at the station and drove to the airport. The road was long. That day it got cold and lot of snow on the streets, winter was a real Fairytale (Yekaterinburg is very close to Siberia! Poor smurf! It was really cold there!)

We didn’t know exactly what time he arrives, but we knew that the first flight from Moscow arrives at the noon. Coming into the airport building we began to ask where the fall arriving from Moscow. We were shown it, but was advised to go to VIP terminal and to watch the list of arriving. We did so. We asked a girl on the VIP terminal desk that we would like to know whether the person which we expect arrives to VIP?

-What’s his name? – She asked.


– No. – She responded very quickly.

We were confused because she didn’t even look through the list, and I blunder:

– Really? )))))

We certainly believe her and went back to the airport. Here comes SMS from Olya Zh. – she wrote that she took the same flight as Sasha, so they arrive at 14-20. Hurray!! We took a cup of tea and sat down opposite the exit from the arrivals terminal. We had enough time. We heard the announcement that the flight delayed for 2 hours ((((Hm …. Only one thing was calming us – we knew for sure that Sasha arrives and our long waiting has a reason. While waiting we prepared our speech, and Olya learned to shoot with a camera, because I asked her to take a video when I’ll give my presents to Alex.

The wait was boring. It was already 5 p.m. when we heard at least the announcement about landing. And then some man sat at the next table loudly discussing something on his cell phone. We heard the familiar names of pop stars. Then he answered someone’s question – “No, I’m all alone here, none of meets.” So, when the landing was announced he also got up and walked to the door, as we were. I dare and asked him:

– Are you a journalist?
– What purpose you ask for?
– I heard your conversation, sorry. Do you meet Alexander Rybak?
– Yes. I am the tour manager, – he broke into a smile. – And you meet him too?
– Yeah, we are … We would like to give him presents.

The wait was long again, because of delaying with luggage. During this time we talked a little to him. He said that the tickets were sold poorly, that they would like to add a “real fire” in Sasha’s show, but Sasha’s team refused. He was surprised that we were the only meets and asked how we knew the time of arrival)))) (Poor guy! He didn’t know how cool we are! Spies from Facebook;))

At least the long-awaited moment came – we saw the musicians and Anders! I recognized them (just their familiar faces)))). Sasha went too, talking on the phone in Norwegian, so no word was clear to us. Ulf walked near him, smiled, and pointed on us. Sasha stopped and, still talking the cell, shown us by signs that we should gave him a marker for an autograph))) BUT (T) !!!!! We didn’t need it, I shook my head and tried to explain that we were there to give the presents. Sasha finished the conversation, and I began a speech prepared in advance. I gave him CDs from Facebook Friends (probably those he broke), the calendar with birthdays of his family, which I made for him, and the Ural souvenir.

We thanked him for his tour in Russia and said we were glad to see him. Tour manager took pictures and said that they were hurry and should go directly to the concert stage.

They left, and we met Olya Zhirnova (as I said she flew the same flight) and went to the hotel. Time is running out. The concert began at 19.00. But we could leave the hotel only at 18-40! It was no reason to catch the taxi, because KTZ Space (the concert hall) is located in the center of the city and we would never be there on time! I convinced Olga to go by metro. We reached our station and run out and run to the Cosmos – we had had a hope that Sasha’s concert would begin with a delay as usual. Run up – look in the lobby – a lot of people walked, the time was 19.00 – hurray!! Sasha’s concert was delayed, and we had time. We take our seats and…. the concert began!:))

I was a little bit disappointed about the concert… Alex didn’t play some of my favorite songs, which I expected to hear soooo much. And a guard stood around the stage and didn’t permit to take pictures…. and the audience’s welcome wasn’t so good as in Ukraine. The only song that stirred all was certainly Fairytale.

One cute moment which I remember was when Sasha went into the hall, walked by the first row, where each one was holding flowers. I saw him approaching to me – and every people presented him flowers. I liked to give him something too…. just for don’t disrupt the harmony))) – I had nothing but the apple (which I took with me accidentally). It was beautiful and bright one. And I gave it to him)))) He laughed.

Another funny moment – when one girl (she is around 10 years) came up to the stage with a notepad and asked for an autograph. At first he refused and said that he would do it after the concert, but then he thought a little and added: “Oh, probably it will be the time when you should go to sleep”))) and signed.

It wasn’t fighting for his bottle of water))) they drank and turned back it on the stage.

The most unexpected moment for me was at “Can’t take my eyes off of you”! He said to the first girl who responded to his call on stage: “Sit down!” Then another girl raised her hand….. and probably both girls looked so pitiful that he turned to Frikar and asked – “Will we take both?” Those were agreed. “Well, let’s do it! I never did so. You’re sisters probably?” They mumbled something…..I recorded the way they performed, hiding behind the girls seated next to me. In the end of show he said something like “I liked your city” (although when he could see it?)))

The concert was very short – about 1hr 10 min. Then all taken out of the hall and began to run in small batches for autographs and photos. We stayed with Olga. I needed an autograph for Camilla and for myself on my pic with Alex taken in Odessa When the cue was coming to an end, we also came to the door. And suddenly we saw MKD members standing with the gifts-boxes. They gave him gifts and each of them wished to have a personal picture with Alex….. but soon he got tired of that and said: “Let’s make one common picture”.

We were the last ones. 2 girls before us apparently went to the second round to have the picture and sign, and Sasha even yelled on them. Then I went up for autographs.

I reminded once again about the disks and asked that he promises to watch them and did not lose them (! ). Then I’ve said Facebook Frends was going to meet him in Moscow and that we had prepared a special gift for him. He looked at me (tired eyes), and pointing his hands a distance of approximately 15 cm and said – “Like this?” I said – “No, like this (showing the width of pillow) and like this” – (showing the length)” Sasha paused, then added with a sad voice: “You better give me a bag” (for carrying all the presents I guessed).

I wrote to Moscow  immediately that Sasha really needs a bag, and better two. Yanis initially took this as a joke, but then promised to buy (which was done the next day). Janis Bravo!! (Later in St. Petersburg, we saw Alex departed with them both – full of presents!)

3 a.m. – I went to the airport. I’ve slept about half an hour for all this time and flew to Moscow in the morning ….

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