Alexanders visit in Poland, Sept.4th – 6th, 2010. Facebookies reporting.

Alexander’s arrival in the airport of Lodz

Report and photos by Anna Gajda, Poland
“Greeting Sasza in Lodz Airport¨
I did not have much time to prepare for this meeting as it was announced at 11.30 that he would arrive in Lodz at 13.20. So I had to hurry up, pack for Warsaw (as I was going to Meet & Greet), run to the shop to buy small gift for the Fiddler and then at the bus stop, which fortunatelly is close to my house. I had a bit more than an hour for all of those, but I managed 🙂 I was supported by other Polish fans and my boyfriend 🙂
The bus took me directly to the airport. Why he have arrived in Lodz not in Warsaw? In September all the weekend flights to Warsaw are served by the Lodz Airport due to some renovation works on the runaway in Warsaw. It was my luck, even a double one as I was planning to go to Warsaw by train at 11.30, but I overslept a little bit and decided to catch a later one 🙂
When I arrived in the airport the plane has already landed (he used Norwegian airlines). But the 1st thing I saw after I got off the bus were four broadcast cars (of TVN, Polsat, TVP1 and TVP2). So then I though “Wow! He will be in every tv and maybe me too”. I ran to the fence separating the parking area for planes from the airport and was in time to see the staircar arriving. There were some people taking photos and waiting for passangers. I was on the phone with Norway, one of the Polish fans.
Alex emerged more less in the middle of all the deplaning people. He was alone, travelling only with a small bag and his violin. After he disappeared in the bus I went to the arrivals area. To my surprise, it was almost empty! No TV crews, almost no people. Alexander was one of the first to appear. He was greeted by his driver and then I got my chance to talk to him and greet him. He was surprised to see someone greeting him 😉 I gave him the small gift (Polish sweets) and he joked that he will be fat if he eats them all. I also asked for a photo and while I was giving my camera to the driver the batteries died… I was so excited and nervous that the driver had to calm me down.
Fortunately, I had the second set of batteries (did not have time to charge them before I left, but they were working). I got a photo, but as you can see it is a bit shabby… It seems, that I was not the only one whose hands were shaking 🙂 Ah, Alexander was in glasses, but he removed then for a photo. He asked me to say the name of the city (it is £ódŸ in Polish, a bit difficult to pronounce) and then he repeated it several times with perfect pronounciation 🙂 What a smart boy! 🙂
Where were all the TVs? They were filming how Lodz was managing with the additional flights from Warsaw. Nobody cared about Alex, not even TVN in whose show he appeared the next day. Paulina, his Polish manager, tried to talk to TVN crew, but to no avail (that I learned the next day from her). My luck again, cause I had him all for myself! And on the first meeting!
Paulina appeared and we all walked to his car. I talked with him a bit. Alexander asked me if it is ok that he does not have a fb account. And if I sent him a letter. He talked a bit that he gets many of them and he tries to answer, but he is slow with it. I assured him that we were all very happy that he tries his best answering the letters and that each letter is an outburst of joy. He asked me about my age and when I replied if I were studying. I told him that I have just graduated. He congratulated me and asked what have I studied. I said that I first did European Studies and then European Law and was awarded by “WOW” from him.
He also asked me if he had not seen me before. Of course he did not as it was my first meeting with him!
We said goodbye and before he got into the car his manager told me that Meet&Greet would be at 15 (we were talking in Polish). Alex was standing next to us and asked “15? What 15?” Paulina told me that he understands a lot and I had to be careful what I say next to him. At that time Alex did not know when the M&G would be. They drove to Radio Lodz to record an interview (I learned that later, too) and I was on the phone with other fan of him, giving my first report, which she was typing on our Polish website.

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  1. Go0o0o0o0oD!…the first pic is SICK! it’s super!
    i really can’t admire that with words! it feels so much different!

  2. I can write more, but there were 50 Polish fans at M&G so lets give them a chance to gather their scattered thoughts 😉

  3. Thanks for the help. I corrected the date. Great report, seriously…We want more!!

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