Alexander’s “pasodoble” dance and backstage interview – 28.1.11

From TV4 – Let’s Dance in Sweden.

Both videos found and translated to English by Tessa La (thanks!), technical process and Greek translation by Yannis P. Turkish translation by Alev Ct. Russian translation by Sonya Luzina. Czech translation (second video only) by Jitka Holanova.

2 thoughts on “Alexander’s “pasodoble” dance and backstage interview – 28.1.11”

  1. Thank you for the videos and translations. I saw the first dance directly from TV4, all the other dances were blocked here in America. Is there a results show too? I tried to get it from TV4, but it too was blocked so I’m not sure how Alex has done in the audience votes.

    I was surprised that Alex thinks his muscles are small and he has very little chest hair. I remember seeing him interviewed on one program and he said he was in great pain since he just had his chest hair removed by a laser treatment. Many male dancers and performers do the same thing here. I’m sure he has more muscles for his weight than any of the dancers at “Let’s Dance.

  2. You guys are simply amazing! Really appreciate the huge work you do for us, the mortals. Thank you!

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