Alexander’s fans tell their stories about meeting him at the show “One to One” :)

Thanks to Alexander’s participation in the show “One to One”, many of his Russian fans have the opportunity to not only see this amazing show live, but also to meet Alexander! Some of the girls wrote very nice and touching stories about meeting him! Thank you all! 🙂 

Report by Marina Teslya

What can I say about the shootings? I can say a lot actually. But the main thing, except Alex of course, is the new people who I met. I’ve found some new friends! Alexander creates a friendship between people.

The second thing is the atmosphere of the shootings. This is a very serious business. There’s people around who’s doing all of this stuff! It’s impressing!

The next is about his transformation! He’s very talented. He’s doing the great job in the shows. He work so hard, catch all details!

If Alex have a time after the shooting he spend it with his fans. He’s very kind to everyone. He takes photos, gives autographs, jokes.

To be honest I’m going to miss this project! It gave me so many wonderful moment with Alex and other great people!

Report by Karina Sukhtinova

I came to the shootings twice and those were the best moments in my life! My biggest dream to communicate with Alex personally, to stand right by his side, to hold his hand, to hug and kiss him finally came true! One of the shootings was the next day after my birthday, and I told Alex about this during our meeting. He was very surprised. “Really?! Congratulations!” – he said and suddenly kissed my cheek. Aww, that was the greatest present for my birthday!!! Actually, Alex is an incredible person, so cute, kind and positive, so attentive and patient! Once, there were more than thirty people at the meeting but he didn’t forget about anyone and payed attention to all of us.

Report by Alyona Kudryavtseva

Translation by Anastasia Silakova. Revision by Anni Jowett 

In fact, after the recording we went along the corridor in order to meet the one who was the reason for our coming. We didn’t wait too long, but our excitement kept growing with every single second so that it was almost impossible to stand still. It was interesting to look at frequent visitors of the show, who were quietly and patiently waiting in contrast to me. I seemed to be the weirdest one. An 18 year-old behaving like a child. When someone announced that Sasha was about to come I almost lost my mind. I came in and started yelling something like “Rybak? Where is Rybak? Where is he? Where?” And right then I saw him standing with his back to me. I opened my mouth with overwhelming joy and he turned back to me, took my hand and said “hello”. I was shocked. Goodness gracious, what beautiful eyes he has! After that he began taking photos with us. I was standing there feeling either freaked out or as if I was in outer space. He is so unbelievable. My friend and I were standing on either side of him and he gave us a hug… I kept saying to myself, I couldn’t believe he really exists though he was right there in front of me, more real than anything else… so I said that aloud and he replied: “Of course I do exist!”. Oh my Goodness, he was even talking to me! I tell you guys, this man is tremendous! Everyone should see him and hug him. The warmth and goodness he irradiates with every fibre of his being strikes every single heart around him. And you know, I’m convinced that the saying “like artist, like fans” is very right in this case. What wonderful fans does Alexander have! There’s no room for negative stuff among them, only happy smiles! Not to mention the smart way he treats all those fans, that’s top performance for sure… there were a few more than 30 of us present and nobody was ignored. Each and every one got a dose of Rybak (huuuugs!). As this is the first time I have met Alexander Rybak, I am completely satisfied with this meeting! And taking into account the fact that I had been waiting for 7 years for this to happen, I can say it was the happiest event in my life so far!! I don’t care if I looked silly and don’t care about having had way too many hugs! You know, it feels like diving in an ocean for the first time in forever: you knew oceans do exist and you knew one day you were going to take a swim. And then that day comes and you rush in water like mad! And all the people around you have no idea about the fact that it’s the first time you’ve felt the salty taste of water, the first time you’ve actually seen an ocean. This is exactly the way I was feeling when I saw this wonder man. And when I was pulled by my friends (many thanks to Karina and Sergey for being there for me) to give my present to him, I learned what an ocean is! It’s very warm, soft and smelling good. If you ever see Alexander Rybak, then go and hug him without a moment’s hesitation! You’ll never regret doing it!!!

Report by Anuyta Lyalyaeva

Translation by Anastasia Silakova. Revision by Anni Jowett 

I have only emotions and a good mood after meeting this amazing person After only a month of recordings and meetings he has become the best Artist (yes, with a capital “A”) for me! An Artist who loves his fans. When the recording is finished, he tells us whether we’re going to have a meeting or not. Whether we should wait for him or not. If we are to wait, it can take up to 2 hours while he’s taking off the plastic mask and the makeup. After that he comes to us and greets the people he knows. He gives us hugs))) Then he wonders if there is anyone he hasn’t seen before and greets them. These people are the first to have their photos with him taken. Later on he takes photos with other volunteers)) he can even suggest taking a picture himself! This was the case when I came to meet him after the broadcast on Autoradio. He was very happy!)) At the end of every meeting he asks whether he has greeted everyone, whether everyone’s got his signature/taken a picture! All in all, he devotes some time to every single fan! What a fantastic person))) I wish him all the best in his life!


Report by Diana Kapikyan

Translation by Anastasia Silakova. Revision by Anni Jowett 

I was extremely happy to meet Alexander Rybak. He is an amazing violinist, a fantastic singer and a very sincere man. Many thanks to him for positive emotions I was simply shocked by his performance as Gloria Gaynor – that was an extraordinarily fantastic impersonation, and the one he did as Enrique Iglesias struck a deep chord in my heart. He is like the sun that brings joy and happiness. I can keep telling this a thousand times. Thanks Alexander for being there and for his creative works.

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