Alexander with the summer show “Entertainer” in Bølgen Culture House July 2016

Alexander Rybak celebrates at Bølgen

Alexander Rybak has  a 10th anniversary as an artist, and celebrates in Bølgen with a musical show spanning his entire career.

Source:, published 28/04/2016. Text: Per Albrigtsen
Translated by Tessa La, revision by Anni Jowett

In 2006 Alexander Rybak won “Kjempesjansen” on NRK. That was the start, and now it is 10 years ago since then.

– Therefore I set up the show “Entertainer” as a 10th anniversary, he said.

Most people know him partly as a winner of the Eurovision Song Contest with Fairytale, as well as a winner of Spellemannprisen, Hedda Award and several international awards.

Rybak wants to celebrate the joy of entertaining this summer , with music and “entertainment” from his entire career.

– I think the concert hall in Bølgen is really nice. Here you can perform any kind of music, he says.


In addition, the performance will be spiced with exciting surprises. He offers a big band, classical favourites, familiar folk tunes, his own pop conveyed with humour and energy of international renown.

– I like to surprise. Often I put something virtuoso classical in the middle so people just sit trembling, he smiles.

The fact that the artist has a big band behind him won’t be a surprise to the public.

– In Kjempesjansen I got the big band feeling. There is so much joy in it, he explains, and reveals at the same time that he will release a song in the summer too.

Two women

Rybak has two guests with him on stage, Heidi Ruud Ellingsen and Sofie Bjerketvedt.

– I wanted to have  people with me that I know are good and thought of Heidi immediately. We played together in “Fiddler on the Roof,” says Rybak.

– It is 10 years since we did that, smiles Heidi, and by that making her own anniversary in show.

Heidi Ruud Ellingsen is known from “The Dream Role”, where she won the role of Kathy in “Singing in the Rain.” This past year she has played Mary Poppins to full houses at Folketeatret.

– In addition to Heidi, I am very much looking forward to working with Sofie, says Rybak.

Sofie Bjerketvedt is a  singer and dancer, and won the role of Sandy in “Grease” on TV Norge. She also made great success in the show “Diva and the Beast.”

– There will be so much fun with that big band, says Sofie.

Together the trio want to invite you to a fresh show conveyed with charm, warmth and exuberant energy.

– We really want to make a versatile good show. It’s so good to work with a show one has been doodling around for several months, says Rybak, who look forward to a good rehearsal period.

– The main thing is that this is a musical show. It’s not often you go on stage with a big band, says Sofie.

With premiere on July 6 and seven scheduled performances in the first place, there is a possibility of more shows if the request is high, and also a possible tour afterwards.

– Yes, there are some ideas about that, but first we look forward to be in Larvik in the summer, Rybak states. He has big faith in the audience  in the district here.

– It seems as if the public interest is very tuned into summer shows and humour. We intend to deliver, and I think it’s so great with such an audience, says Rybak while they greet Tove Høeg at the desk in Bølgen. The lady who will sell all the tickets for these guys too.

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