Alexander to be an NRK reporter at ESC. April 27th 2011

Article from by Halstein Røyseland. Published 27.04.11

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Rybak to be an NRK reporter

(VG Net) Alexander Rybak (24) will be involved in the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, but this time, as a reporter for This will be a new come-back for Rybak from two years ago, when he topped the European finale in Moscow with his song “Fairytale” on May 2009.

“We are very happy to have Alexander on our team. He has unique experience that is useful, both in his work as a reporter for, and also as a member of the Norwegian delegation,” says Skjalg Solstad, the project leader for the Norwegian delegation, in a press release.

Live Discussion

Rybak will be sending reports from the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, where he will, among other things, be following the first stage rehearsal of Stella Mwangi (24). During the two semi-finals on May 10th and 12th, and the final program on May 14th, Rybak will be chatting live with the viewers on

Vikmo-Slettan continues

Just as it was last year, it will be Olav Vikmo-Slettan’s voice that the television viewers will be hearing from the Norwegian commenting box. Viksmo-Slettan has worked with NRK since 1992, and has broad experience both in radio and television programs. Viksmo-Slettan had his commenting debut last year for the ESC in the Fornebu arena. As early as this Saturday, Stella Mwangi will be on the plane to Dûsseldorf. She has her first rehearsal on Sunday May 1st. On Tuesday May 10th, Stella will compete in the first semi-final, with the start number “2″.

2 thoughts on “Alexander to be an NRK reporter at ESC. April 27th 2011”

  1. Hmmm, this article says that Alex will be with Stella during her first rehearsal, too, which was today, but it’s not true. Hihi 😛

  2. Alex can’t stay away from Eurovision:-p . But in my opinion it would be better for the whole Europe he to perform as a contestant or as a former and of course record-breaking winner!!!!!!… It would be my pleasure to see him on Greek TV again through the ESC.

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