Alexander Rybak’s new love. Article in KP.BY, Jan 12, 2012

Young people know each other since their student’s days.
Photo: from the archives

Link to the original: Author: Sergei Andrianov

Article published by Belorussian division of “Komsomolskaya pravda” (popular Russian issue) on Jan.12.2012.

Found by Sonya Luzina. English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva . English revision by Anni Jowett.


Sasha Rybak chose a violinist again for a girlfriend.

The singer has dedicated two songs to his new chosen one, a 25 year-old Norwegian with the Russian name Maria. For some years the heart of the victor of “Eurovision 2009” was free. We remind you as he says today that the last time he fell in love as an adult was when he fell in love with a violinist girl back in his youth. By the way, just after separation from this girl, the singer wrote his legendary “fairy tale”,with that he won the ESC.

During his Christmas visit to Minsk Sasha confessed to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that love again lives in his heart.

– I celebrated the New Year in Egypt with my beloved girl, – the singer told us. (More about it read here)

But Rybak did not want to acquaint us with his new love. He even did not mention her name.

– Well, you don’t need to know everything in detail.

But as “Komsomolskaya Pravda” found out the new girlfriend of the singer is his same age, 25-year-old Norwegian Maria Strom Slingstad. A violinist. The young people know each other from their student’s days. They both studied at the University of Oslo. After graduation, while Rybak toured around Europe, Maria got a medical degree. And when in February 2010 Rybak recruited female violinists to record a new album and future joint performances, he invited Maria (and two more Norwegian girls – Kathryn and Moa) to his group as an old friend. Sasha dedicated a love ballad to each girl for their help and support. And to Maria he dedicated as many as two at once – “First kiss” and “Maria.” He invited her twice to act in his music videos and he even put their joint photo with Maria on the cover book of his second album “No boundaries”.

– I fell in love with three at once. But now we are just friends, – Sasha Rybak told in April 2010 in documentary about himself made by Norwegian channel VGTV.

Sasha takes his new girlfriend on tour with him. New girlfriend of Alexander is a violinist and she tours with him in Europe.

By the way, Sasha introduced his girlfriend to his grandmother Zinaida Yegorovna who lives in Minsk when he visited Belarus in November 2010 to perform on the “Junior Eurovision Song Contest.”

For the fist time the singer presented his girlfriend to the public on the 5th of March of 2011 in Norway when the pair walked hand in hand along the red carpet on the “Spelleman” music award ceremony (Norwegian analogue of “Grammy”). But neither Maria or Sasha did not start to shout about their feelings then.

Maria supported Sasha when he participated in “Let’s Dance” in Stockholm.

– She regularly phoned me and attended a couple of times the shooting of the show. And in addition she was in my heart, – the singer admitted.

And in April last year the young people made a vacation for themselves and went for a week to America.

– I do not even know if I want a wedding. Do I want to marry at all? Getting married – it’s kind of to tell to the whole world: “This is my love!” And if a person is famous, so everybody will find out in any case who is my love, – Rybak says to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

For the first time the singer presented his girlfriend to the public on the 5th of March of 2011 in Norway on the red carpet during a music award ceremony…
Photo: from the archives

...and in April the young people made a vacation for themselves in the USA.
Photo from the personal archives of the singer


“Komsomolskaya Pravda” has compared the two chosen ones of the singer and it turned out that the girls are similar like two peas in a pod!

Maria (Rybak’s present love). Photo from the personal archive

A violinist and a doctor.
A blonde.
A blue-eyed.
With cheeks.
Two songs dedicated: “Maria” and “Your first kiss.”
Met at university. The relationship lasts already for a one year.

Ingrid (Rybak’s first love). Photo: from the personal archive of Ingrid Berg Mehus

A violinist.
A blonde.
A blue-eyed.
With cheeks.
The song dedicated: “Fairytale.”
Met at the same university. Romantic relationship lasted for one year.


click on the picture to hear the song



“Fairytale” (Rybak dedicated to his first love).

I don’t know what I was doing
When suddenly, we fell apart
Nowadays, I cannot find her
But when I do, we’ll get a brand new start

I’m in love with a fairytale
Even though it hurts
‘Cause I don’t care if I lose my mind
I’m already cursed



“Maria” (Rybak dedicated to HIS new love)

I love you deeply, dear Maria.
I like to say your lovely name aloud.
So many girls are also called Maria,
we have to share our passion with a crowd.

A psy-cho-an-al-yst once said, severely,
“You have a bad addiction to this name.
It´s time you changed to girls who love you dearly
called Lulu, Froufrou, Ann or even Mame!”

Amazing, Ingrid’s husband (it is her Sasha calls his first love) is very similar to Rybak!
Photo: from the personal archive of Ingrid Berg Mehus


Rybak would send the group “Litsound” from Belarus to “Eurovision”

Rybak flew to Minsk only for one day. To meet and to give a master class to the finalists of the project “Eurofest”. The singer heard each song at home, watched videos of performances on the internet. At the press conference Rybak evaluated each finalist and then he made his rating for the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

So, Rybak estimated the finalists of “Eurofest” (final will be held January 31st at the Palace of Sports) as follows:

1st place – group “Litesound”.

-I really like the melody of their songs. I memorized it and sang in the shower. In Denmark and Sweden they will love this group because it has the most “western” melody (of all finalists). And they even sing in very good English. I never would have thought that they were from Belarus.

Sasha Rybak: “I sing the song of “Litesound” in the shower

(scroll to 3.11 on this video)

2nd place – Victoria Aleshko

-She has the best voice. One feels that he can sing professionally. Therefore, I wish her always to perform with this sense, not only on the “Eurofest”.

3rd place – Alena Lanskaya

– It feels she is an artist! She has a very special voice you want to hear all the time. She understands everything she sings about, every word. Just the musical production is not very good. Judging by what I heard on the Internet. On the verses she was constantly drowning. And a lot of violinists. Where did you find them? Ah, in Belarus! Great!

4th place – Uzari.

-He’s like Kirkorov in his youth! Uzari is so confident … A public likes it very much. He has so much energy on stage. Positive or negative, I do not even know. He is very dirty, I like it.

5th place – Gunesh

– Gunesh conquered me. Her smile is the most beautiful in the world. I think for those two or three minutes in an internet video she smiled more than I did in my entire life. Well, and sometimes one need not to smile. Well, and Gunesh has a good voice.


The “Komsomolskaya Pravda” accompanied Sasha almost everywhere during his recent visit to Minsk. And by close observation we figured out what Rybak is afraid of and what he can not live an hour without.

1. Taking sleeping pills at night.

The singer confessed to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that he is an owl. To fall asleep is a big problem for him, as well as to wake up early. In Minsk sleeping pills helped the singer to fall asleep.

2. Afraid of losing his hair.

Alex met his grandmother from Minsk. Zinaida Yegorovna fed her star grandson with “draniki”  and gave him a few family photos. On one of the photos Sasha for the first time saw his grandfather and he boasted to the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”:”Look, what a beautiful hair he had. I am happy with it!” As it turned out Sasha is afraid of losing his hair. It is understandable from which such pessimism: the father of the singer Igor Rybak went bald on his head with age.

3. He shaves his chest

– I remove a hair to be smooth and beautiful, – said the singer to the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

4. He walks through the airport in his socks

For some reason the first thing Rybak does when he arrives at the airport (no matter what country) he walks around the VIP room in his socks. So it was in Minsk.

5. He drinks 2 litres of water per one hour.

Sasha can not do without water. Even on the road to the airport he necessarily needs water. If there is no water it could be peach or pineapple juice.

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