Alexander Rybak’s mother and girlfriend in Lisboa to support him.

Alexander Rybak’s girlfriend
was not prepared for the success

Source:, published 11.05.18. Text: Tiril Mettesdatter Solvag of Caroline Tolfsen. Translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett. 

– Alexander is going to completely charm everyone on Saturday, says Julie Holm’s girlfriend to NRK.

He can become the second artist in the world to win the international version of the Melodi Grand Prix twice.

When Julie Holm, 23, met with Alexander Rybak, 31, she had never imagined that he would be so big in the music world.

– One of the things I admire is that he is such a marvellous perfectionist, giving a hundred percent no matter what. So it’s just been a pleasure to witness,  Holm says when NRK meets her in Lisbon.

She is here with the mother of the artist, Natasha Rybak, to support him.

– I think we are important in the sense that we are good supporters for him. Just that he knows we’re here. If he should be a little nervous, he can just talk to his mother or girlfriend, says Holm.

FURTHER ON FROM THE SEMI-FINAL: Alexander Rybak on stage with the song «That’s How You Write a Song» in the semi-final. PHOTO: STINA STJERNKVIST/TT / NTB SCANPIX

Difficult time

Alexander Rybak has told that he learned a lot after the victory in 2009. He said yes to too much, he has previously told to NRK.

– It was really a difficult time. I don’t think he was prepared, neither were we. We thought he had enough strength, but it was so much that I think no artist could have handled it, says his mother.

She thinks it was an inhumane pressure.

– He learned from it and now he tries to be a bit critical to all requests, she says.

Adventurous thought

The two haven’t thought as far as taking the victory home to Norway once more on Saturday. But both his mother and his girlfriend think he has great chances.

– It’s a pretty adventurous thought. We hope he can win, but there are not many who have done it, to say that way. Just one artist, says Natasha Rybak.

– He has followed the betting lists a little and seen that Cyprus and Israel are big favourites. But then – he’s going to charm everyone totally, I think. So it will go well, says a smiling Julie Holm.

Excited: Alexander Rybak’s girlfriend is excited before tonight’s final.

Alexander Rybak’s girlfriend to radio P4:
Looking forward to it.

Source:, published 12.5.18. Text by Marte Svarva. Translation by TessaLa, revision Anni Jowett

– It’s surreal to come down here to the Eurovision Circus. I’ve heard a lot about it, but that it was this extreme I had not believed, said Julie Gaarud Holm, 23.

Surprised by how popular he is

She and Alexander Rybak have been a couple for some years, but coming to Lisbon as the girlfriend of an artist that is extremely popular among the Eurovision fans is something different from being his girlfriend at home in Norway.
I didn’t know he was such a big star, Julie laughs.
Do you get any envious looks from girls who are a fan of his and maybe a little bit in love with Alexander?
– I may do, he has some young girls who are a bit excited about him, says Julie.
Julie has come to Lisbon with Alexander Rybak’s mother to support the Norwegian Eurovision hope. But they don’t see him much.
– There has been rehearsals, rehearsals and rehearsals the whole time. Lots of preparations and I’ve taken part in some of it. And nowadays there is so much to do that I don’t think I’ll see him before the final, said Julie.

No kissing ban

The couple are staying in separate rooms in the hotel and VG wrote on Saturday that they had a kissing ban before the final. But that’s not correct, Julie says.
– I haven’t said that, but we have had a telephone ban. But some kissing there is, Julie laughs.
– Will you share rooms after the final?
– We’ll see how tired he is, says Julie.

Sending good words

She will be at the venue to cheer for her boyfriend and Norway.
– I think it will go very well because he’s so clever and dedicated. But I think it’s a bit scary to predict about the outcome, says Julie.

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