Alexander Rybak’s interview to Ukrainian magazine “Serial”

Article was found by Valeria Platonova, translated by Sonya Luzina

Alexander Rybak plays on two fronts

Norwegian handsome fiddler manages everything: he shoots the video clip,  tours through Europe with concert, participates to the talent shows … even to two  shows simultaneously: Swedish show “Let’s Dance” and  Ukrainian show “Zirka+zirka-2″ [” Singing with the stars”].

My dance partner is always with me

– Sasha, have you immediately agreed to participate to the show “Let’s Dance”?
– I hesitated a bit before confirming. When I was a teenager I danced a little in the styles which were popular in the 90’s. Some videos can even be found on YouTube. But I was very interested to try out different styles. Now I am invited to the similar shows in other countries, for example to Russia. But I dance only in Sweden yet, and rehearse in Ukraine in between recording of “Zirka + zirka-2”
– So, your dance partner Malin Johansson comes with you?
– Exactly. She travels with me, and we’re dancing for four hours every day. The show started on January 7th, and we began to rehearse in November! We trying to use every moment, because I really want to perform properly in every program. Initially Malin doesn’t take my desire to dance very seriously, I think. But in the process of rehearsals she saw that I really tried. We spent a lot of time together and become close friends. Malin says that I’m very diligent student!
– Which dances seem to you the hardest, and which were easy?
– There are no easy dance. I’m almost a newbie in such things, all was new for me. But the most difficult was paso doble: I practiced to keep body and arms like it was needed for a long time.

Fans can find me everywhere

– Are you afraid of the competition with more experienced participants?
– I don’t regard other participants as competitors, because I believe that in such shows you should just  monitor  your progress. You should try to do everything as good as possible. There are some very strong duets in the show, but it is an additional motivation!
– Were there any incidents at the set?
– There weren’t any unpleasant situations. But once my fans found me at the rehearsal in Ukraine, they came up with posters and balloons. It was so nice! After that it was even shown in the introduction of “Let’s dance” show.

Cowboys aren’t afraid of bulls

– I might guess you pay more attention to “Zirka + zirka-2” [than to “Let’s dance”], because you are a singer?
– No… It’s even less than to the dancing. Because here I do what I know for a long time – I just sing. But nonetheless, me and my partner Katya Kuznetsova, we call each other and communicate over Internet, we discuss performances, and when I come to Ukraine – we rehearse until late night every day.
– What performance was the most remembered for you during this show?
– The first program. Probably because the first day is always difficult – everything is just starting and there are a lot of unclear and unfamiliar things. Besides, I was dressed in a cowboy costume, which consisted of some very uncomfortable details. For example, the cowboy jeans were made of the leather linings with different frills. But the most interesting part is not even in the costume. Especially for this our performance they put huge automatically controlled bull on the stage, and Katya was supposed to ride  on it. It was necessary to jump on it during the song and sing live, and then quickly jump off from it. And we did it!
– Is it difficult to participate in two shows simultaneously?
– I have a very busy schedule now; they want to see me in many European countries. Also, I travel a lot with a promo of my second  album, Russian “Nebesa Evropy” [“Europe’s skies”], which already have been realized in Ukraine. But the rehearsals and participation in the two shows really harassed me, though I knew about it before I agreed on it. But the process of show gives me a lot of fun.

Walking down the Kiev’s metro

– Which shows do you like to watch?
– I have no time to watch TV. But if I am interested in some show, I can watch it on YouTube.
– Are you going to support someone of the ESC 2011?
– I’ve been following this contest; I wonder what the participants do. I have a few favorites, but I need to see everyone, so I won’t say any names now.
– When you come to Ukraine to rehearse, what are you doing in your free time?
– I have no time for walks absolutely. But I’ve walked around Kiev a lot in my previous visits. My Ukrainian team showed me a lot of attractions and several beautiful places in the capital, which became my favorites. For example, I was very impressed by Andrew’s path. Also I was at St. Sophia’s and St. Michael’s squares, took the funicular and even tried your metro. I want to travel more throughout Ukraine, I have heard about many cities. And my dad loves your country, he traveled a lot here.

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