Alexander Rybak’s interviеw to Ukrainian magazine “”

An article found by Katya Zagreba in Ukrainian magazine “”, which tells about healthy food and lifestyle. It’s an issue from March 15, 2011.

Translated by Sophia Khodorovskaya and Julia Bezbakh

Alexander Rybak: “My mottos is – a healthy lifestyle!”

– Alexander, we tell readers about organic products and their advantages in our magazine, we draw attention to a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking. We’d like to ask if you know yourself, what is organic food?

– I can guess. These are the ones, which are grown in ecologically clean conditions without using any chemicals, right? Then, of course, I know it. It is popular thing all over the world.

– Which food do you prefer?

– I love buns (laughs). I’m kidding, of course. Actually the main thing for me is the food should be fresh. Also, due to the lack of time, I prefer meals, which are quick and easy to prepare. For example, I like chicken with rice, pasta. Unfortunately I absolutely don’t have time to prepare something special.

– Where do you buy food most often?

– In the shops. My apartment is situated near the big supermarket, so I don’t need to go far to buy some food. Everything is just around the corner.

– Is it possible to order foodstuffs on the internet in Norway? Do you use this option ?

– Yes, we have it, moreover it is a very popular thing. Lately, I don’t have a lot of free time. And I can’t buy everything in the shops fast. It’s quite often happens that when I am in the shop and there are a lot of people there, I appear to be surrounded by fans, who wants to take a picture with me or to have an autograph. So, to order products over the internet is a very good choice for me. I use this option very often.

– Alexander, how do you choose products? Is there something, what you will never buy?

– It is hard to remember. Sorry, but I will never eat “salo” (Ukrainian traditional food, a pig lard). I prefer to buy fresh vegetables, fruits, natural meat at the shops. I like seafood very much. I try to consume only healthy and organic products, if I have a possibility. Of course, I do not eat “plastic” food, I mean such products, which don’t have taste and benefits for my health. I suppose, that these very products don’t have anything common with natural ones.

– By the way, do you pay big attention in Norway to a healthy lifestyle and healthy food, to organic food, for example?

– Yes, of course. We care a lot about healthy food in Norway. People try to consume only healthy food. Certificated organic food is very popular, as it is over the whole Europe. But still, many Norwegians consume some ready-to-cook foods, which influence their health. And as a result, this food influences their appearance. There are much more slim and well-shaped girls in Ukraine.

I think you already noticed there are a lot of those, who promote a healthy way of life among show-business stars . They support organic ideas in all aspects, by producing organic goods, retaining huge organic farms and starting projects, which show how to save our environment. Are you ready to support this idea?

– I always support the idea of a healthy lifestyle . If someone would ask me, I try to tell both about what way I practice and what foods I consume. Because I think, it is really important. I always say that you must not suffer from diet, you just have to eat only high-quality, safe,  organic food. And also you must not eat only fruits and vegetables, sometimes you can eat chocolate, if it is a high-quality chocolate.

– Does your family grow vegetables in their own garden, like many stars do? Is it widespread  in your country? As you may know, in Ukraine and in Belorussia, a lot of people try to provide themselves with vegetables from their own gardens.

– Oh, the growing of vegetables is a common thing for Norwegians. Especially gardening is very widespread. As I already said, people care about their health, so they choose products carefully, which they consume. So everything, what was grown by your own hands, is two times better. Our family is not an exception. We have a small vegetable garden too, where we grow tomatoes, cucumbers, greens. We don’t grow potatoes, because we don’t have enough free space.

– And in the end, what would you like to wish to the readers of “Organic.UA”?

– I wish you all a delight! And if you want to eat sweets, you can eat it. The main thing – is to know when to stop. Be healthy, choose organic!

Recipe from Alexander

Easy spring salad with shrimp

  • frozen or freshly boiled shrimps
  • 3 boiled eggs
  • hard cheese
  • half of the pineapple
  • juice of one lemon
  • olive oil
  • salt, spices

All the ingredients are to be chopped and mixed. Add oil, salt and spices. Sprinkle with lemon juice. You can decorate with salad greens and slices of fruit. Bon appetit!

12 thoughts on “Alexander Rybak’s interviеw to Ukrainian magazine “””

  1. Oh Yesterday I eaten a chocolate but I really rare do it and I blame I for it. But now when I read Alex’s interview that he agree to need eat no many chocolate I’m finaly relaxed. Also I love shrimp and I eaten it today with limon juce. I want cook Alex’s salad.

  2. Thank you so much for english translation.
    I agree with him, a healthy lifestyle is a judicious motto
    I’ve been sick 2 months, I feel life is terrible =))
    Surprising!! He prepares his meals when he has free time. How skilful he is!! So adorable! Preparing meals for myself is great!
    In Asian countries, they think that: Woman must know & do domestic science (housework, cooking, needlework)… but I dont know anything (even how to cook a meal =)) hahaha because I study far from home & live with some lazy friends hoho We often eat fastfood & available foods for saving times! How can I help myself *lol*)
    I like sea-food, too. I was born in a city which has a beautiful beach and delicious sea-foods.. oh, he make me homesick rrr…
    Growing of vegetables is a common thing for Norwegians. It’s so amazing. In my country, only countrysides have soil to plant trees, flowers… I live in capital where house next house, noisy sound, dense & heavy traffic… It’s too difficult to find a garden even park! I always dream ’bout a house which has a small garden. Therefore; I love Norwegian’s style!!!
    I will try to follow Alex’s recipe, but fresh olive (‘cos I can’t find them in my market)

  3. Nice interview! And tastefull salad recipe! I am sure I will make it one day:)
    Thanks for the translation girls! 🙂

  4. woow! Such an intresting and beautiful intervew <3 I just loved it, thanks to u guys 🙂

  5. Interesting interview,I can understand it must be convenient to order groceries off the Intenet when people can`t even leave him alone at the store.

  6. I even spread this to my daughter in New York. Maybe she will try to make the salad… 🙂

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