Alexander Rybak’s interview to Russian magazine “If only…”

Alexander Rybak: “I will never take part to Eurovision again”

An article found in the student’s magazine “If only…”

Interview by: Nadezhda Golovina

Translated by Sophia Khodorovskaya.

Everyone remembered him: even those, who didn’t watch, didn’t interest, didn’t know. And those, who didn’t like the idea of the ESC in Moscow, and all other “did not”s. Smile, which makes you weak; shining eyes, sounds of a violin, funny plot, dizzy amount of countries which voted for the song “Fairytale” – and norwegian singer and violonist with Belorussian roots became famous in one single moment. Rybak has recorded a Russian album, and records video on it in Ukraine. Cosmopolitan Alexander Rybak has told to the magasin “If only…” about his life after Eurovision, why he didn’t want to take part in Eurovision again and for whom he is going to write music in the future. Our meeting with Alexander was held in Moscow, he came there for only one day to perfom at the concert, which was dedicated to memory of great composer Mikael Tariverdiev.

– You arrived to Moscow only to perfom at the concert, which is dedicated to a memory of a great composer Mikael Tariverdiev. Do you like his music?

– I was invited by his family and, of course, this is a great honour for me – to sing Mikael Tariverdiev’s song. Moreover, this song “Ya sprosil y yasenia” (I asked the ash-tree), which was written by him for a movie I”rony of fate”– it is my favourite song, I was dreaming to perfom it for a long time.

– You have many fans in Russia. We heard you are going to participate to Eurovision Song Contest from Russia?

– I think that Eurovision isn’t a competition, but a holiday, because everyone who passed selection and got into the finale, they already are the winners. And this way I thought about it when I was taking part in it. But I think that I will never participate to Eurovision as a contestant, never! But I really wish to be a composer for other singers. I will write songs for them.

– Really? Very interesting! And which genre would you like to compose for other artists?

– First, I want to find a band or a singer, and then I’ll find genre for them. I know that many composers, first compose music and only then look for singers for this music. This method is not for me, I need to fall in love with my project first. When it will happen, only then I will understand what style it will be and if I will be able to write the best song, which will suit to this singer or band.

– Ok, let’s speak about the genres again. You have classical education, but you perfom  popular music. Which genre is closer to you?

– Classical music is closer to my profession, of course, because I have education as a classical violonist, but music which I play now, I mean popular music, is closer to my soul. But, you know, lately I got interest to the new style – Black metal. I like perfomers of this style, because of their emotionality and energy. Everyone think that they are gloomy and angry, because of their appearance and consider that they are crazy, because of their behaviour on the stage. But this is not true. They are the most calm and kind persons. I would play violin with such a band with a great pleasure.

Tell us about back sides of your popularity. Is there something, which is unpleasant for you in popularity?

– The only thing which is unpleasent in such a life is that you must smile everywhere: at the streets, in society and even when you feel bad, you must smile! Sometimes, I envy people who live more down-to-earth life.

But attention is pleasant, any doubts of that! What presents do people present to you most often? Which present from your fans have you remembered the most?

– It is very pleasant for me when people read about me,when they are curious about my health and, for example, if I catch a cold they send me caps, mittens and other things like that.

– Does that mean that you appreciate attention, but not the price of a present?

– Yes, and what is the most important, that they know what is going on with me, this is very pleasant! My fans take good care of me! For example, if I say that I have lost my Ipod, they immidiately present me the new one, this is unbeliveable! That was the best present, which I received last year, by the way. Of course, this is not the most original present, but I appreciate it very much!

– You have released Russian album. Tell us about this.

– My new album is called “Nebesa Evropy” (“Europe’s skies”). The name is not random, because there are many different genres combined on the one plate. Classical instrument can be used in different styles. I hope I succeeded in it. We made quite different and very interesting songs. Speaking about the language, it was not unexpected action, because I have sung in Russian earlier. I like this language and I like to sing in Russian, and not only my songs, but songs like “Komarovo” or even something from Valeriy Meladze’s repertoire.

– You have shooted the music video to the song “Nebesa Evropy” (“Europe’s skies”) from your new album in Ukraine. How did you feel about working there?

– I used to take music video in Norway. The shooting process there always passes calmly and modestly for me, but in Ukraine everything were quite fast, unexpected, but very effective. Everything is little bit different there, everybody thinks exceptionally about work and things I want only. During this shooting the director didn’t insist on his opinion, if I didn’t like something. This is good undoubtly, and one can experience that very rarely. I liked magnificent Ukrainian landskapes very much. About another places for shooting, I don’t know yet if I will shoot videos in other countries.

– What if you never born in the artistic family? Would you become a musician or no?

– I have very artistic soul, I want something new all the time. For a pity, in women too (smiling). But I always try to land somewhere. I am a musician, and it helps me, because I always can do some new projects, for example, by changing musical styles. I create something all the time. If I wouldn’t have a musicial family, and wouldn’t become a singer, I would study a physics for two years, then I would gave up, then I would study something else… And then I would want something new again. And I would search for a new ocupation all the time. So, I am very glad that everything went in this way. Sometimes I envy to those 18-years old, who knows exactly what they will do in a year. But I am not such a person, and to those, who has such an artistic heart as mine, I would recommend them to become artists.

– What could happen if your family stayed in Belarussia? [LOL Russians still have no idea about right names of the “post soviet republics’! e.g. J. Bezbakh]

– I think, my life would be more modest. I would smile less, than in Norway. There is another culture in Belarus, there we must be “little bit upset” (smiling).

– Which way a girl could become interesting to Alexander Rybak?

– The thing is that if I like someone, I can do anything for this person. But you can meet some girls, who are just pretending. They play roles, which don’t suit them, I mean, they are not persons, who they are trying to be! And they become bored with my attention very quickly! But those, who are not trying to attract me, who behave in their natural way, those people are the most attractive for me. Only in this way I can understand exactly who I am talking to, what kind of person is it, and that they like me for being myself. This is very important for me, so you must always be yourself!


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