Alexander Rybak’s interview to Romanian newspaper Adevarul, 12.11.2011

Found by Ellen Nl. Translated by a friend who wishes to stay anonymous.

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Alexander Rybak, singer: “I am sorry for bothering you, I think I am drowning”

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Extremely shy, Alexander Rybak told us about the adventures he had, when he came to Romania, to help Paula Seling choose the finalists of the “X Factor”.

Rybak became famous after he won the Eurovision in 2009, bringing the victory to Norway, but mostly because he set a record in the history of the competition by winning 387 points, with the song “Fairytale”. The 25-year-old singer has been studying piano and violin since childhood. He inherited this passion from his parents, Natalia Walentinowna Rybak, a pianist, and his father Igor Alexandrowitsch Rybak, violin player. Shortly after winning the Eurovision finals, Alexander reached the Top 10 on iTunes in many European countries, like Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland (first place), France (second place) and Great Britain (third place).

Q: How does your life look like after Eurovision?

A: I started to work with people who I always admired. In addition to this, I can inspire other young musicians. I understood my mission as an international artist and I am trying to do all I can. I don’t like that nowadays everything has to be in “radio format”, but I am trying to play in the rules. Having a concert with a children orchestra gives me more pleasure that singing in front of drunk people, who don’t care about anything but dancing there.


How do your weekends look like?

I am finishing my studies of music and I am busy from Monday until Thursday. Friday to Sunday I travel wherever I can. For instance, last weekend I was in Malaysia, but I never get to see the entire country, I always have to leave to soon.

Could you describe a perfect weekend?

A bunch of girls sitting around me on the sofa and watching “Spartacus” with them.

Right now, what are your priorities?

I am extremely thankful for my success and the fact that I am famous, but in the same time I know that driving expensive cars is of no importance to me. It’s more important to listen to people s feelings and, why not, try to compose such music.

How about your free time? Do you have enough time to be with your friends and family?

I don’t have a private life, everything in my life is official. I never have enough time to discover myself. But, I am extremely thankful for those three or four friends who respect the good parts of my personality, and my flaws too, and I am trying to show them my love and affection whenever I can. At least when I am in Norway…


Los Angeles: With a fan and Mickey Mouse
Having fun before a concert in Tynset (Norway)

How does the trip of your dream look like?

Me and my best friend, taking a trip by car in America, with two Scandinavian girls, to keep us company. Or maybe I will keep them company.I like singing ballads on my violin instead of guitar.

How do you pamper yourself?

I can’t say that. But I can mention video games on a big screen with surround system.

Which is the place where you would like to spend your vacation, but you haven’t so far?

I would like to spend my vacation in my country. But then I will have to climb the highest mountain and I hope nobody will notice that I’m missing.

Weekend in Malaysia
Alexander is a big animal lover

Which are the things you never give up, not even when you are having a day off?

The thought of the girl I like. And studying violin.

How come you came here especially for the “X Factor?”

I wanted a reason to meet Paula and her team. I liked “X Factor”. It’s not false, as in many other countries.

I see you have a special relation with Paula. Can we talk about a future cooperation?

She is a perfect Eurovision star. I would love to sing a few songs with her. I’ve had enough of singing alone.

Violin, the instrument that established him. Photo:


Is there any interesting story from you vacations that you would like to share? Or maybe something unpleasant…Which is the worst experience you’ve had so far?

I have always been shy. I remember that when I was little I went swimming with other guys. They were on the shore while I was still in the water and then I realized I was drowning. I was shy to bother them so I apologized first: “I am sorry for bothering you, but I think I am drowning…”

“Driving expensive cars is of no importance to me…”


One out of two

  • Sea or mountain? Mountain
  • Paris or Rome? Disneyland
  • Sunday: out or at home? At home
  • Summer or winter? Winter
  • Norwegian girls or Romanian girls? Romanian girls
  • Blondes or brunettes? Blondes
  • Laptop or PC? Macbook
  • Homeland or a foreign country? A foreign country
  • You find a puppy: you give or you keep it? Oh, I return it to the owner…
  • Classical music or jazz? Classical
  • Fast-food or healthy food? Healthy food served quickly
  • Fishing or hunting? Fishing. Hunting makes you kill adorable little animals…
  • A dog or a cat? Polar bears
  • Fruits or vegetables? Fruits


  • An exceptional artist
  • Name: Alexander Rybak
  • Date and place of birth: May 13th, 1986, Minsk, Belarus
  • Marital status: Single
  • At the age of 10 he became a student of the Music Institute Barratt Due in Oslo
  • At the age of 18 he receives a special prize, Anders Jahre Cultural Prize.
  • On May 16th 2009, Rybak won the 54th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, Russia, where he set a new record of 387 points with the song “Fairytale”
  • On June 2 2009 his first album “Fairytales” was released
  • In autumn of 2009 the movie “Alexander Rybak, Fairytale” was released, based on the adventure that followed the victory in Moscow
  • The year of 2011 brought big changes in Alexander’s career. The violinist preferred to appear in TV shows instead of having concerts.

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