Interview in the male magazine “Alfa”, October 2010

Pleasant mood: Another adventurous day in young Rybak’s life


Journalist : Morten Ramm. Photographer : Espen Solli

Found by Olina Novikova, translated by Tessa Lande
Article Revision by Anni Jowett

Cool celebrities should pick on the ones further down the hierarchy. Therefore we let Morten Ramm from “Torsdagskveld fra Nydalen» nag on the fiddle-Jack Alexander Rybak.

How many girls have you actually “said hi to”?
– It is not few enough that I can keep the count, and there are not many enough that it might be fun to keep counting.

You’ve done all what an artist should not do in the media. Why?
– I was overwhelmed by the fact that people liked me, but eventually it was more important to be understood than to be popular.

But people still don’t understand you yet?
– There are a few who understand me, and we meet at TGI Friday’s every week.

What was the quarrel between you and Didrik Solli-Tangen about?
– We were two young promising guys who both were busy with our work. The media wanted to put us together in all possible settings. We did not need the media to do that for us, because we had managed to do it ourselves if we had wanted and had time for it.

Do you really mean seriously that Didrik Solli-Tangen is not an idiot?
– Of course he is not! But he is very media-driven, and I’m not. On that we disagree.

How would you describe your own media profile?
– Due to all what is happening in my life, I keep a very low profile.

What happened to the violin you broke on the sound check in Sweden? Was it expensive or just a simple fiddle? Was it planned?
– It was crushed. A simple fiddle from China. It was planned 3 seconds before I did it.

How much have you earned on the Eurovision success? Scored by pleasure or money?
– Both scales are ok. Money has led to a lot of fun, including an Xbox 360 and a TV from Loewe.

Do you think that you make quality music?
– My music is a good complement to every other shit you hear on the radio.

You must surely admit that the “Allsang på grensen” is both an oldie and a bit stupid?
– I am an old man trapped in a girl’s wet dreams. And I like both.

How does it feel to get ass reviews from all credible music reviews in Norway?
– Do you mean those who once dreamed of becoming popular musicians? I’m living the dream and make music and albums, while their job is to write about what I make. Must be the world’s worst job. And they have neither the Xbox 360 or TV from Loewe.

7 thoughts on “Interview in the male magazine “Alfa”, October 2010”

  1. I have something to add:
    He sounds a bit arrogant at the end. Here I was thinking he was all modest. Is that really Alexander? Did he really just say that he was a girl’s wet dream?? 🙂

    Unfortunately, those music critics probably are not jealous but think that they are “all that” and are thus “bullying” him, for lack of a better word. I hate people like that. 🙁

    Is this article from 2 years ago?

    Jay, are you American? Join Team Rybak USA on FB if you want.

  2. What is he saying? His music is way better than most other stuff on the radio, at least here in the USA, since I dont know any Norwegian stuff.

  3. As Marianne,I ask for “TGI Friday” !!
    Intersting interview,full of playfullness!! 😀
    Thanks!! 😉

  4. LOL! I like ” There are a few, who understand me and we meet at TGI Fridays every week”………………. What is “TGI Friday”?

  5. Haha…thank you! it is an interesting interview! ” I am an old man trapped in a wet girldreams appearance…..” ..and quite funny :))

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