Alexander Rybak’s interview in the magazine “Byavisa” 22.01.2013.

The article from Norwegian magazine “Byavisa” Nr. 4.  22.01.2013.

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translated by Mary-Ann Hansson. English revision by Katie Arentson

 Greets the Trønder people

Concert: Alexander Rybak’s nicest memory from 2012 is when all concerts between Christmas and New Year were cancelled. But now he is wildly excited about playing a show  in “Olavshallen” January 26th.

– What have your experiences been like during  the time that has passed since Eurovision in 2009?

– Rewarding, meaningful, and immersive. But the nice thing is that I have the same joys and sorrows as before ESC. Happy friends, good health, and a lot of sleep. That is what counts. Anything else is just air.

– How do you relax?

– People tell me I should “relax completely  on a sofa and do nothing”. But that’s bullshit. We are much too privileged in Norway to just sit down and do nothing in our spare time. I do things that inspire  me. Play video games, go skiing, watch films and tv-series, and play board games with friends. In that way, my spare time has been useful.

– Which is your favorite movie?

-I don’t have the energy to figure out one favorite, so I will choose the three that have  moved me to tears lately: “The Muppets Christmas Tales” with the great actor Michael Caine, “Singing in the Rain” with the great entertainer Gene Kelly, and the Batman films by the great director Christopher Nolan.

– Which is your favorite song?

-I like anything that is professionally  conducted and thought through, but still looks simple and commonplace. Like “Mr Saxobeat” or Gagnam Style”.

– What was the peak of 2012?

-When I learned all my gigs were cancelled between Christmas and New Year.

– What are you looking forward to in 2013?

-To present my music to my audience. And that every gig will be cancelled between Christmas and New Year.

– How did you like to play in the movie “Yohan”? Is acting something you would like to do more?

-Well, in that case it has to be a role that I am made for. Like Ole Bull! That is my dream role. Any other movie would only be destroying.

– How did your parent’s musical background affect you?

-I don’t believe in musical “genes”, but it is important to have people around, that know what they are talking  about. Especially  during childhood. Plus some discipline.

– Do you have any favorite musician rfom Trondheim?

-I like the classical Trond movement with Arve Tellefsen as a front figure. No one is better at conveying the classical Norwegian cultural heritage as the Trond people.

– You were born and lived in Belarus until the age of 4. Are you keeping in touch, and do you feel a connection to your birth place?

-Yes, I have greeted most of the people in the government, and the main part of my family lives there and they are doing very good!

– Is there a big difference in singing and writing in Norwegian and in Russian? Do you prefer any language when it comes to music?

-In  addition to pop-singles in Norwegian and Russian I am working on my biggest project so far: an album for children in Norwegian. I realize the language is close to my heart.

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  1. Wow, beautiful to say Alex!
    You make me very curious! 🙂 Whit youre new big Childeren project.
    Been happy and I hope to see you soon.

    Whit Love,

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