Alexander Rybak’s interview in Ukrainian weekly gossip columnist “Boulevard of Gordon”

Alexander Rybak is tired of being a star

Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva

Interview by Anna Shestak

– Recently I lived in a tense mode: each month I went to Kiev because of working in the project “Star + Star” which I have recently left. Only after recording four programmes I’ve understood what the judges and the producers want from me: the main thing is not how do people sing but emotions, a show.

In the early days I became totally lost: those who sang badly but in funny costumes and wigs – they received twice as many points than those who tried so hard and were dressed in normal clothes. But I decided that I would nevertheless perform in normal clothes. People should understand: all right I love your culture and what you call a creative but I also love the Scandinavian culture.

Ukrainian fans will upload a video on the Internet and Norwegians will laugh at me after looking that. How could I – a musician – start to jump around in underpants on stage? It’s not accepted for us to shock the audience like that. Not to upset the producers I’ve put on a pair of wigs and tried on a fisherman costume but then I said: “Here on the change in my image ends “.

You know I’m bored that I’m a pop star and that people inviting me to the show or corporate party want to hear the same five songs. And they forget that in fact I am not a showman but a classical violinist. All of these trips, meetings with Will Smith, Barack Obama, another iconic personalities are just an experiment. I always wondered: how does one welcome a star? What does one talk to a star about? And I’m lucky, I became a little star after “Eurovision”. And now I want to be just a musician.

Recently I released a Russian-language album “Europe Skies” and I am often asked whether I am afraid to turn into the artist singing at parties for wealthy Russians. No, I’m not. I visit Russia not so often as it seems. Germans whom I visited two or three times a month think I perform only in Germany, French – in France, Ukrainians – here in Kiev. And I like it, it means everywhere I am their man.

I fell in love with Ukraine thanks to the talented children which I performed with – I love children. I visit orphanages, hospitals, I communicate with them, I cheer up them, and it’s not PR, I am sure that all my life, regardless whether I’ll be popular or not, I’ll do it. But unfortunately I can’t become a father for each of these children. Although paternity is in my plans, and I’ll have a family for sure. I hope I’ve found the girl already. Norwegian. If relationship will develop we’ll see.

And if you talk about creativity I really want to become a TV host to host a programme about travel, different cultures and musical genres. To make the world feel: it’s united through a music and art. Maybe I can surprise people once again appearing in a new role.




4 thoughts on “Alexander Rybak’s interview in Ukrainian weekly gossip columnist “Boulevard of Gordon””

  1. Such a nice interview. Thanks for the translation. I will wish Alexander all the best for the future!

  2. Nice article. Thank you for translating it. It will be interesting to see what the future will bring for Alex. And I can understand that he’s tired of travelling as much as he has until now, but I hope he will not give up performing completely.

  3. Oh I definately like this way of thinking for Alex…Hosting a program about Travel & Music I would LOVE to watch! I do hope he sees more composing of classical music in his future. It would at least keep him closer to home after he & Maria marry and have children heh~heh~!

  4. It is not even 2 years since Faiytale hit the world and ALEXANDER has done soooo much……..whatever he chooses to do as long as he is happy then I will be happy.

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