Alexander Rybak’s interview in Russian “Cosmopolitan”

The article was published on the website of the magazine 26.06.2013.

Translation by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Anni Jowett

Alexander Rybak about “Eurovision”

Scandals around Dina Garipova gradually die down, but there never was an extra buzz around this guy. The winner of “Eurovision-2009”, Alexander Rybak, told what he thought of the contest which was held in the spring.

Do you watch “Eurovision” every year? Can you mention some highlights of this and last years?

I’ve attended the contest in person every year after my victory. But this year I’ve followed the contest from overseas. The dates coincided with my tour in America, and before it I took some time off for my birthday, which I spent at the amusement park. But, as I’ve already said, I watched “Eurovision”. I believe that Denmark won deservedly. The participant from this country is really one of the best this year. Dina Garipova is certainly very talented, so she entered the top five favourites in “Eurovision”.


What are your thoughts about the scandal with the missing points of Azerbaijan? Whose side are you on?

I am not on anyone’s side. There is a vote, there is a jury, there are services that monitor the system of counting votes. The organisers gave their official response. Therefore, there is nothing to comment on.

Did you personally face any intrigues in the contest? Were there any unpleasant surprises behind the scenes that you did not expect?

“Eurovision” acquaints and unites artists! I made a lot of good friends because of the contest. The intrigues rather arise from the journalists themselves, and perhaps from the artists for PR. But, fortunately, it passed me by. Whether fate protected me from the various twists and turns, or I had only good people around me.

ФотоHave you ever had a thought to repeat the success of “Eurovision”?

No, I don’t want to participate in the contest as an artist for the second time. I took this height! But I’m interested in participating as a composer, writer, producer! This is certainly in my plans. “Eurovision” has given me a lot of popularity throughout Europe and the CIS. If there wasn’t this contest, perhaps it would take more time. Everything went right!

How do politics affect music?

I think it has very small influence. There is a percentage of politics at “Eurovision”; the neigbouring  countries give each other points. During my participation I didn’t notice too strong politisation  of the contest, because back then a record number of countries voted for my song and I got a record number of points. It turns out that Norway is a neighbour to all?! Anyway music is the main thing and it can unite any countries and hearts!

How is your musical development in Norway  going on? Are you going to present new songs, videos, projects to us?

I have many projects in parallel. There are classical concerts with a symphony orchestra. Also, now I spend a lot of time on performances with talented children, I play with them different pieces as with a full-fledged professional orchestra. It inspires children and me. I’d really like to do such projects across Russia! In addition, I’m constantly releasing new singles and albums simultaneously in Norway and Europe. For the summer and the winter two tours are scheduled in Scandinavia. The creative life is boiling, and I’m happy with that and thankful to my destiny and audience!

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