Alexander Rybak at the Monster concert 27.08.11 – Benefit to environment protection

Article in paper issue of Sunnmørsposten 29.8.11

Journalist : Atle Hole

English translation by Tessa La. Turkish translation by Alev Can could be seen by clicking here.

Concert for submarine cable

No less than two international Grand Prix winners was present when 700 paying spectators gathered in Sykkylven – in the hope and faith for submarine cable instead of overhead lines.


Alexander Rybak and Elisabeth Andreassen were the most famous names, and was not surprisingly given the longest time on stage.

It went by seniority, with 5 minutes for the least well known. Both Rybak and Andreassen delivered the goods as normal, primarily with familiar tunes.

Both were having the children in active participation. Not least, a memorable experience for the three local children’s choirs, “Kor kjekt,”,  “Sykkylven Barnekor” and “Ikornes Gospel Choir”. Rybak even had the RG-girls from Sykkylven IL to shed the splendor of one of his songs.

Huge range

And it was a special concert. In addition to the musical, a lot of the artist told why they participated, and as Robert Post said: I love the nature we have here in Sunnmøre, and we should take care of it. Twelve different musical groups participated, and with a touch of appeal and the mayor talk, the whole session lasted for three hours. The range was enormous. From Renate Lade soft song “Så brei ei elv,” to beat strong, cool bands like “Strong Water”, “Yertle the Turtle” and “The Clinton Experience” with the noise level in the borderland. Maybe it was their way of arming to fight ?

Nice program host

The mayor of Sykkylven, Jan Kåre Aurdal and the leader of People’s Action, Roy Aarsnes,  accounted for the verbal elements. “Why is it so difficult for the government to chose submarine cable,  Aurdaul asked, and continued “Now it is up to Ola Borten Moe to show that he has listened to us.”.

The concert had a great host in Kjell Løseth, as usual with warm, humorous twists. He said the group “The Clint Expoerience” had come straight from the White House in the US, and after Hanne Kolstø performance he said these words “No you made the glands that control the feelings make an over-production”


Splitted Sunnmøre

Roy Aarsnes in the People’s Action against the monster line, praised the day and the evening. “Amazing that nearly 800 shows up and that the artists do this for free. Very nice that also artists from Ørsta/Volda participate. This is in fact a matter which split Sunnmøre. And I am only sorry for and regret that we didnt manage to film “Snøhornet” in Austefjorden, og “Verahaldet” on  Bondalseidet today. The mist made it impossible, but we did the 7 others, a still ready to fight leader said.


To watch Alexander’s performance at the Monster Concert click here:

Link to the web-site of Monsterlina organization:

Film, made by Monterlina organization about Norwegian nature:


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