Rybak’s girlfriend talks about her life with the fiddler

Alexander is so warm and kind

To Alexander Rybak, this summer is in the sign of love, because his life as a bachelor is a closed chapter. The charmer has settled down with Julie, a girl from Oslo.

Source: paper issue of Her og Nå, published 12.07.16. text: Per ingar Nilsen. Photo: Morten Bendiksen. Translation Jorunn Ekre, revision Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak, who recently turned 30, had to grow up before he settled down.  Now the Eurovision legend has found happiness with the eight years younger Julie Gaarud Holm.
This summer is just like the winning song “Fairytale”, namely a fairy tale.
– He is one of the kindest, warmest, nicest and funniest people I have ever met, says Julie to “Her og Nå.”

Alexander rybak Julie Gaarud Holm
Met on the Internet: Alexander Rybak met Julie Gaarud Holm thanks to the dating App Tinder. He is not only an entertainer on stage, but also at the dinner table, she says.

The 22 year old characterises Alexander as a very caring person.
– He is very protective and he takes very good care of me.
Because of Alexander’s many events, particularly the ones abroad, the young couple have to take advantage of their time together.
– He is travelling a lot, at times it’s demanding. But my God, we make it work!

Alexander Rybak - I came to Love you
Sang to his girlfriend: Alexander performed the song “I Came to Love You” during the premiere of the summer show “Entertainer” at Bølgen culture house in Larvik.

This summer Alexander currently  has a summer show at Bølgen culture house in Larvik. In “Entertainer” he performs a song he has written specially for Julie.
“I Came to Love You” warmed his girlfriend’s heart deeply.
I would never have thought I would get a song, from anyone! It’s amazingly beautiful, she says smiling with happiness.

The couple have much in common, but not the talent for song.
– No, I’m not musical at all, but I think he likes that. Now there won’t be any competition in our relationship, says a humorous Julie.

Alexander Rybak Julie Gaarud Holm - travelling
Travels together both within Norway and abroad: I get to experience things I would never have taken part in otherwise. It’s so thrilling, tells Julie about her life with Alexander.

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  1. Fell in love with you from Canada! So happy that you have found your love. It will add a richness to your life you can’t imagine. It is wonderful to have that special person in your corner. My husband and I have been married for about 19 years. He still thinks I am as beautiful as when we first met. I’m not telling him any differently! I have access to mirrors you know, so love really is blind. May you have that same, wonderful blindness!

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    1. Hi there.
      This is a website run by fans of Alexander. As far as we now, there is now plans for visiting Australia, but you never know what can come up. Follow his event calendar on his homepage or his Facebook page to see where en when he will have a concert or take part in a TV-show etc. And we always post this info on this website and also on our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/rybak.en.friends/?fref=ts

  3. They are soo cute together!!!! I’m so glad Alexander found the one!!! Yaaaay Alexander!!!

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