Concert with the youth-orchestras in Ski, Norway, 03.11.2013.

The article was published in  paper issue of Østlandets Blad 5.11.13

Author & Photographer: Odd Inge Rand 

Provided by Venche M. Translation by Jorunn Ekre. Revision by Anni Jowett 

 Got to join the band: Alexander Rybak called his performance at Rådhusteatret on Sunday his audition to “join the band”, in other words the marching bands from Nordby, Ski and Drøbak/Frogn. He passed it with flying colours.

Alexander Rybak bestowed glory to the marching band society in Follo.

Well done from Nordby, Ski and Drøbak/Frogn. The celebrity concert has been a tradition for a long time and the 2013 edition will go down in history as one of the very best. The members of the school marching bands from Nordby, Ski and Drøbak/Frogn can pat themselves on the back after a well-executed  event at Rådhusteatret during the weekend. They entertained a sold out venue for two hours with marching band music at the highest level. The celebrity concert 2013 is the result of persistent work by the marching bands.

Varied: The marching band musicians showed that they have many talents during the concert on Sunday. The main marching band went back to the 80s with Mezzoforte`s “Spring Fever” to our modern times best stadium band Coldplay with their “Viva La Vida”. The youngest ones got to test out ABBAs ”The winner takes it all” and The Kids’ huge hit “Forelska i lærern” (In love with the teacher).

Satisfied: The head of the border of Nordby school marching band Bård A Granerud was a very satisfied man after the concert at Rådhusteatret on Sunday.

Famous guest: The main attraction was of course Alexander Rybak. A celebrity concert must of course have a real celebrity, and in that respect Rybak was a very popular element, the 27 year old who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009. “He`s been with us during the whole weekend. The kids have met a celebrity who has taken time out for everyone, and that has been truly fantastic” says head of the border of Nordby school marching band Bård A.Granerud.

Impressed: Rybak impressed everyone on most levels on Sunday. His skills on the violin are unquestionable, and he also has a nice amount of catchy pop songs to offer. The marching band musicians got to join in with those too with “Funny Little World”, ”Roll with the wind” and not least “ Fairytale” as a common performance. He also joined the junior orchestra and gave them a helping hand on “The Winner Takes it all”.

Furious: Alexander Rybak made some solo performances that took the audience’s breath away at the sold out venue in Ski on Sunday.

Duet: The luckiest of all the musicians onstage was probably 18 year old Eirin Avnskog from Nordby. She performed the song Billy Joel wrote to women in general, “Always a woman” together with Alexander Rybak. “I was a bit nervous, it went quite OK. It was a lot of fun playing with Alexander,” she says. Doing a duet with the celebrity Rybak made her nervous, but her duet partner managed to calm her down. “He is very capable, and he is also very nice and supportive when you play with him.” Eirin says.

Celebrity concert nr 5: The celebrity concert at Rådhusteatret is the fifth one. Previously Ravi, Marian Aas Hansen, Tommy Steine and Rein Alexander have participated. “We have a very pleasant feeling now,” says Bård A Granerud, after the concert. He is happy about what the celebrity concert has become. “All of the concerts have been fantastic, the whole setting is very important.” he says.

The gallery from  a two-day seminar on Nov. 1st – 2nd and the concert on Nov. 3rd.

Pictures by Peter Sederholm, Trond Hagen and Odd Inge Rand

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