Where to buy the book and music of “Trolle and the Magic Fiddle”

“Trolle og den magiske fela” (Trolle and the Magic Fiddle) is released as a book included an audio book with music, and audiobook with music and a CD with all the songs from the fairytale. So far only available in Norwegian. 
Watch music videos of several of the songs from the book on  YouTube

“Trolle og den magiske fela” is available on the Norwegian “streamingservice”  STORYTEL.no. Requires subscribtion.

Clisk to hear a message from Alexander on Storytel

The book included audiobook with music can be ordered online here:

Worldwide: bokkilden.no  haugenbok.no  energica.no, Notabene.no  and Ark.no

Delivery Suomi: Adlibris.com/fi and Sweden: Adlibris.com/se



Audiobook with music can be downloaded from

Alexander Rybak Trolle og den magiske fela lydbok    Tanum.no Bokilden.no and Ark.no (ARK-App)

Trolle og den magiske fela CD coverCD with all the songs from Trolle and the Magic Fiddle can be downloaded/streamed from:
itunes-logo ICON  Alexander Rybak Tidal   Alexander Rybak Deezer

shop.klicktrack.com  offers download in both MP3 and Flac quality.

You also find all the links on Phonofile


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