Alexander Rybak wrote a birthday song for his girlfriend.

Alexander Rybak was in a deeply romantic mood when he wrote “To Julie” for his girlfriend Julie Gaarud Holm. 

Julie turns 23 years old today and was overwhelmed early this morning by her artist boyfriend. 

Source: Text: Stein Østbø. Photo: private
English translation Jorunn Ekre. Revision: Anni Jowett

– Getting a music piece by Alexander on my birthday was really fantastic. How lucky I am! When I saw the music video, I was so shocked that I became speechless and let the tears speak for themselves, Julie Gaarud Holm says smiling. 

She had heard parts of the composition earlier, but was still surprised. 
– I have heard the piece through the door to his studio while he was practising without knowing it was for me, she says. 

It’s in fact not an ardent, violin driven pop song that Alexander Rybak serves to his girlfriend. “To Julie” is a classical, but melodious piano piece which Rybak also has made a video for, where he mixes his own performance with beautiful landscape photos of Norway to get in the right romantic mood.

Both love and music are something that should be celebrated in life, and Julie obviously fills me with both.  And it’s nice to surprise her with a different gift, is Alexander Rybak’s own explanation to his romantic birthday greeting.

Julie and Alexander met on Tinder one and a half years ago, and there’s no doubt that today’s 23 year old gets the former Eurovision winner’s musical strings going. Previously Rybak wrote “I Came To Love You” in a rush of love over Julie.

– Julie gives me strength and encouragement to try new things, this song is a powerful symbol of that. I have never thought of commercialism when it comes to music and love. I always make what I feel like doing, anything else wouldn’t work that well , says Alexander Rybak. 

-Julie is a person with many wonderful sides, one of them is joy, and this what I wanted to express with this works, he tells.

On her 23 birthday Julie Gaarud Holm doesn’t seem any less in love with Alexander than when they first met.

– I fell head over heels for his honesty and how direct he was, for better and for worse. His best sides are definitely his versatility and his charm. He really is one of a kind, she says.

Romantic gift: Alexander Rybak wrote “To Julie” for his girlfriend Julie Gaarud Holm on her 23 birthday, this Tuesday. Photo: private


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