Alexander Rybak wore the wings of Cupid and walked on the roof in Kiev



Article published on, April 24  2012, 09:18

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Translation by Sonya  Luzina. Revision by Anni Jowett

Snow-white wings, charming smile, and violin and bow – instead of bow and arrows. This is how a modern Cupid looks – the winner of “Eurovision”, the singer and composer Alexander Rybak. The artist got the image of the angel of love for a reason: in Kiev the director Alexander Filatovich filmed a new video for Alexander Rybak’s song “Strela Amura” from his Russian album “Nebesa Evropy”.

On the set everything was real: real couples, who the singer chose himself for the shooting from thousands submitted applications for participation from Europe, Russia, Ukraine, whole CIS, and even America; Kiev’s streets and roof of the hotel “Riviera”;  and the sincere emotions and feelings of Alexander.


– In the video – I’m Cupid, who “makes couples fall in love” and find their other halves. In real life sometimes I have the same feeling too – my music connects people, many of my fans have married each other, people meet at my concerts, fall in love listening to my songs. They send me thank you letters with stories. And I am very happy about that. But no one knows how lonely Cupid is, whether he is happy … Alexander Rybak shared his feelings

Alexander Rybak had only one day for the shooting due to a tight concert schedule. According to the script there were several locations needed in different parts of Kiev and the weather, which is changing: rain, sun, wind.


– You won’t believe it, but it seemed that the sky helped us! For the shooting sunshine was needed – voila, the sun was shining; according to the script there was torrential rain – and we got rain!

Despite of the variety of weather conditions, Sasha worked very productively. And neither heat on the roof, nor three hours of continuous rain  affected the quality of his work!


And when his wings, made by stylist Lesya Patoka, became completely wet, they were  replaced by new ones. But Sasha was full of vigour  and energy, it seemed that he didn’t notice the rain at all.

– It’s very nice working with him, he emits only positive energy – commented the director of the video Alexander Filatovich.

And there were some incidents. During the shooting on the Boulevard of Lesya Ukrainka a special mini-helicopter with a camera, which was filming scenes from a bird’s-eye view and was controlled by remote control, snagged on electrical wires and crashed down to earth from a height. Fortunately, all the most important shots had already been shot by this time and there were no people on the crash site.

The video “Strela Amura” has become the second joint work of the two Alexanders, Rybak and Filatovich. After the video “Nebesa Evropy” the singer was very satisfied with the cooperation with the Ukranian videomaker. The fiddler played on the roof with the amazing view of Podil and the Dnieper for the first time.

The hotel “Riviera” made an exception for the artist and allowed the film crew to go out on the roof. In the new video “Strela Amura”, in an idea  idea by  the director, the winner of Eurovision stood in the pouring rain and got soaked to the skin.

But after seeing some finished shots, Rybak said that he is still willing to put up with a cold rain for the sake of art – told the manager of the artist Yana Pryadko.

Already the morning after the shooting, Alexander Rybak flew to Sweden on tour: a talented Cupid left his wings in Ukraine, he therefore promised to return soon to personally present the video “Strela Amura” in the CIS countries!

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