Workshop in the MusikRum Festival, Vesteräs 22.05.14

Photo: Erik Mårtensson/Scanpix
Author: Åsa Johansson
Published: 22.05.14
Translation by: Tessa Lande. Revised by: Anni Jowett


A Eurovision celebrity in Västerås. Alexander Rybak is known for his enthusiastic fiddling, but also for his teaching interest.

This weekend, 2,000 children and young people are going to play, dance and sing together in Vesterås.

A certain fiddler Alexander Rybak is a sticky draw, says Karin Heintz, the project manager for this year’s Musikrumfestival in Västerås.

– It’s a big thing that Rybak attracs exceptional numbers. The number of participants has increased dramatically this year. Everyone who has met him SAYS he is an incredible source of inspiration. He sees the children and seems to love the teaching part. The rumour has gone well, I know there are many who want to come just because of him.

– Since then it has become more of a cultural festival, with both backing vocals, horns, strings and a little dancing. Previously, it was more a blow fest, says Karin Heintz.

This is the sixth year the MusikRUM Festival (National Association of young musicians, RUM) is arranged in Västerås. The Music Festival attracts young musicians from across the country and a group from Norway. Although the public is invited, six stages are open for visitors from Friday to Sunday. The festival ends with a grand finale concert in Vasteräs Concert Hall, where Alexander Rybak will be joined by the entire 320 string playing youth who participated over the weekend in his workshop.

– It’s going to be really cool with more than 300 string instruments simultaneously, says Karin Heintz.

– This is a big thing for the participants, and I understood that last year when I was the project leader for the first time. I was taken by surprise. It’s like a big football cup, but for the music world where young people get to meet like-minded people and play and perform with professional musicians and orchestras such as the Navy Band. It’s really inspiring for them, continues Karin and stresses that it will also be treated to all, the pentathlon, disco and a series of workshops.

Videos from the rehearsal with Alexander 

by  Gran Kanaria Gran Kanaria·YouTube-channel


Pictures from FB page of Rum Riksförbundet Unga Musikanter

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