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Alexander Rybak with trolls for the youngest

Alexander Rybak also has a big musical appeal to a young audience. Therefore, he dreads his debut as a children’s Author.

Source: and Published 15.09.2015 by NTB

English translation by TessaLa, partly revised so far by Katie Andersson 🙂

Alexander Rybak Trolle 3– It’s probably because I haven’t tried, he says about why he had such big appeal to young music fans as well. With the book “Trolle and the Magic Fiddle” he does something completely different:

– For the first time I focused deliberately on children as the audience.

Then he brightens up, laughing, and says that he has discovered one thing with the music he creates:

– It appeals to anyone who has the child in themselves, whether they are children or have become 90.

And there is plenty of  Music in the “Trolle” universe:  The picture book,  which Cappelen Damm is publishing,  contains three CDs with songs and stories.

trolle Alexander rybak
LEGO: LEGO reminds me of that everything starts with small pieces says the artist Alexander Rybak. Now he has written a book for children. It is about a troll who are teased. But then the troll finds a magic fiddle. Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

Builds LEGO
NTB meets Rybak at home at Aker Brygge. The suitcases stand ready and the violin is packed in its case,  for the fiddler who is often on the move. Most conspicuous is the LEGO on the table:

The black tower of Isengard from “Lord of the Rings”,  and Star Wars alongside trucks and motorcycles. All in plastic. And this has an explanation a little beyond the fact that Alexander Rybak also seems to have kept the child in himself.

– It reminds me that everything comes from the small things, and that all construction works starts somewhere, he says under the characteristic forelock. He has a slightly hoarse voice, and offers vitamin C and enthusiasm for finally having “Trolle” ready to meet his young audience.

Alexander Rybak Trolle 2
© Delivered by NTB Alexander Rybak has the plans ready: -There will be “Silent Night” – Christmas tour this year. I’m going to Nashville in October to play in a Church, and I will do jazz With a big band next year, says Rybak who also has a solid fan base in Russia and …

Melancholy and humor
– I’ve been working on this for three years. I wanted the children to have an opportunity to develop their musical sense, not just sit with their iPad. I’d like to raise them. In the beginning I go deeper into melancholy, the sadness, and I think and hope that children will find it exciting, and at the same time there will be humor and Entertainment.

But Rybak struggled a bit to find the format. Rybak says that he “has so much at heart,” and that it was a bit frustrating to stick to one genre in the music industry. When characters like the Hulder King, the mayor, Alva and not least Trolle began to emerge, he thought about a radio play on CD. But the publisher wanted book.

– I wanted an audiobook too, says Alexander Rybak, and says that “negotiations were not needed” to get the book people to agree with the plans.

Tailless and bullied
Trolle, the tailless troll kid who experiencing his share of teasing until he finds a magical fiddle, is of course Rybak himself. As the Hulder King, he chose Stig Werner Moe, Pernille Hogstad Stene gives voice to Alva, Anders Christensen Baasmo gives voice to the mayor, while his friend Dennis Storhøi is the narrator.

– Dennis helped me to find confidence on stage. The first time together gave me a Hedda Award for best newcomer, says Alexander Rybak and aiming to his role in the “Fiddler on the Roof” at Oslo Nye Theatre back in 2007. Since then they have worked together on numerous occasions.

Rybak let us hear Storhøi’s voice, where he tells about the first meeting between Trolle and the nice Alva. “She said we were friends,” Trolle thinking before is dancing and humming all the way home and make a song for Alva.

AlexanderRybak trolle
© Delivered by NTB – I have so much at heart, says Alexander Rybak who this week debuts with the children’s book ‘Trolle and the magic fiddle “. Photo: Berit Roald / NTB Scanpix

Two morals
– One thing is to make the songs. But making the film music, the sounds, which set the mood? That was new to me, says Alexander Rybak who says he got inspiration for children fairy tales from his own childhood – affected by Disney as well as of Russian fairy tales on LPs. Then he added the distinctive Norwegian: Troll and nature.

– There must be both darkness and joy, excitement and mystery. A good story must also have something painful and sore. I know what it’s like to be left outside, he said.

– And a happy ending?

– Yes, and actually with two morals: Both that friendship is more important than even the strongest magic, and that one should not have prejudice against the unknown.

Naturally there also had to be a fiddle.

– It has its own will, just like the ring in  “Lord of the Rings”.

Mini tour
Now the “Trolle and the magic fiddle” launching is coming up on Thursday (correction :  It is Saturday), with a performance where there will be dancing, singing, fiddling and Reading aloud by Dennis Storhøi, and later several mini performances in Oslo and Fredrikstad. Whether there will be more books?

– Then I have to get a new idea for the story first, says Alexander Rybak, who learned a lesson in the aftermath of the Eurovision victory in 2009:

– To work with children, I must either be cocksure/absolutely certain of myself, as I was the first year after I won, or prepare a lot, as I have learned.

“Trolle” tour
* September 19 – The Children’s book festival, Oslo (Alexander Rybak sings and plays, Dennis Storhøi reads and dancers perform)

* September 26 – Litteraturhuset Fredrikstad (Rybak and Storhøi)

* October 17 – Litteraturhuset, Oslo (Rybak and Storhøi)

* November 7 – Cappelen Damm, Oslo (Rybak and Storhøi)


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