Alexander Rybak with Trolle show in Fredrikstad, Norway

Brought the magic fiddle to Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad

Text to photo: Magic Fiddle: Alexander Rybak played on the magic fiddle for the children. In the front row stood Ella and Håkon Fredstad Lukkassen who clapped along. Photo: Johnny Leo Johansen

Source: Fredrikstad Blad. Published 26.09.15 Author: Mathilde Halstensen.
Found by Jorunn Ekre. Translated to English by TessaLA. Revised by Bita J.

Rybak brought alongside him Storhøi, dancing trolls and the magic fiddle  for the launch of his new children’s book “Trolle and the magic fiddle”.

Rybak and Storhøi came to Litteraturhuset Saturday morning on their “Trolle” tour. Storhøi read excerpts from the book, while Rybak played and sang. There were also four dancers.

It has hardly been five weeks since Rybak debuted as an author, a project he has worked with for three years.

Newly composed troll music

The children’s book comes with an audiobook with newly composed troll music of Rybak. It is the first time he has written or sung songs in Norwegian. Storhøi is the narrator of the audiobook, and other actors such as Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Stig Werner Moe and Pernille Hogstad Stene take on different roles as well.

Good morals

– The story is about Trolle. He is a lonely boy without any friends, but one day he discovers a magical fiddle that turns out to change his life, a bit like me, says Rybak laughing.

– In the book I try to show that one should not be afraid to be different, and the final moral is that friendship overcomes even the strongest magic, he says.

Storhøi has been involved in several audiobooks before, but this book stands out from the others.

– I’m lucky to have had the chance to work with a soul as creative  as Rybak. We have worked together several times, and I knew this book would be exceptional. He writes about important issues such as bullying and friendship, and he conveys it in a way that children can understand, tells Storhøi.

Getting to meet Rybak

After the performance was over, all the children had the chance to meet Rybak, take pictures with him and get their books signed. It seemed like they found this opportunity to be very stately.

It was very fun and he is very kind. I was allowed to touch the magic fiddle, says Ella Frestad Lukkassen.

Dennis Storhøi Fredrikstad Trolle
Narrative voice: Storhøi captured the audience and read small excerpts from the book. PHOTO: JOHNNY LEO JOHANSEN

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