Alexander Rybak with a new crew in Lisbon

Lisa Børud handpicked as a dancer for Rybak

Almost Alexander Rybak’s entire crew has been replaced before the international finals of  Melodi Grand Prix (Eurovision)

Source:, published 21.04.2018. Translated by TessaLa, revised by Anni Jowett

– It will be crazy exciting. I don’t think I’ll understand how big it really is before I get there” said Lisa Børud.

She was handpicked to be one of Alexander Rybak’s new dancers in the semi-final and most likely the international final at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon Saturday, May 12th.

– It’s a really catchy song, and I’m looking forward to sing and dance to it, says Børud.

Lisa Børud, who became known to most Norwegians through Stjernekamp in autumn 2017, has held concerts since she was 5 and danced since she was 7. Last year she reached 4th place in Stjernekamp (Norwegian entertainer competition).

Replaced the crew

A total of four dancers and a vocal singer are in the crew Alexander Rybak takes to Lisbon.

In addition to Lisa Børud, there will be Lene Kokai Flage from Bergen as a singer and dancer, Jens Jeffry Trinidad as a choreographer and dancer, Swedish Alvaro Estrella as a singer and dancer, and Frode Vassel as a vocalist.

Almost the whole crew of Rybak from the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix final in Spektrum in February has been replaced. Because there are different rules in the international finals.

In the Norwegian MGP final all the backing vocals are recorded and the best dancers on stage. In the international finals, the rules are different, and all vocals must be live.

A obvious choice

MGP General: Stig Karlsen took over the job as music responsible in MGP after Jan Fredrik Karlsen finished last year.

In the international final, Alexander Rybak’s crew will contain people who are good at both dancing and singing. There are not many that are good in both, says MGP General Stig Karlsen.

– We had a new audition round and have got a dream-team, says Karlsen.

Lisa Børud, on the other hand, got the job without going through an audition round. She said no at first  because she didn’t have time for the audition, but was begged to join.

– We know her so well from before, through everything she has done, so it was pretty clear that we wanted her. We are very happy to have her on the team, says Karlsen.

FROM STJERNEKAMP TO LISBON: Lisa Børud came 4th in Stjernekamp in 2017, now she will be one of Alexander Rybak’s dancers in Lisbon. PHOTO: JULIA MARIE NAGLESTAD / NRK

The breath is the biggest challenge

Together with Lene Kokai Flage and Alvaro Estrella, Lisa Børud is going to sing and dance at the International finals in Lisbon.

– The biggest challenge is to have enough breath. I will be practising a lot to dispose the breath the next weeks so that I know how to breathe and how much energy I will spend on singing and dancing. That and all the text may be what I really dread most to, Børud says.

Lifted my performance

Alexander Rybak is currently in Lisbon and record the promo for the international MGP final.

In a message to NRK, he writes that he is pleased with the dance team that has now been chosen to join his performance in the finals in Lisbon.

– The dancers were tailored for Spektrum where they didn’t have to sing the backing vocals. They lifted my performance. Now we tailor for Lisbon, Alexander Rybak says to NRK.

He thinks it will be joyful to have live backing vocals.

– We have had long auditions, and now we have found five cheerful entertainers, who are great at singing and dancing,” Rybak says.

Norway is the first country to perform in the second semi-final Thursday 10 May.

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