Alexander Rybak will sing with another Eurovision star!

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Found by Ulli Cologne

A happy song. Alexander Rybak to record a song with Paula Seling

Alexander Rybak, will record a song in collaboration with Paula Seling who placed 3rd in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 representing Romania. Rybak will visit Romania for the second time this year for another appearance at the Romanian X Factor show where the new song is expected to be presented.

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Found and translated by Victoria CAn

Bits of Paula’s statement: “As an additional news, I would like to announce you that these days I am working on a new song in duet with a Norwegian artist who is not Ovi (as you know he has recently returned to Romania), but … Alexander Rybak. I met with him recently, as a guest judge to the “Judge Home Visit”, on Romanian X-factor, and we found that we are on the same wavelength musically speaking …and … we went to work in the studio. Alex will return to Romania to sing on the X-Factor stage, and we hope to introduce you as soon as possible the result of our collaboration, a cheerful song, which I hope will please the widest audience.”

Watch the performance of Alexander at Romanian X-Factor on December 11th, 2011 on Antena 1. More info about this event you can find here:

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