Alexander Rybak will continue to work with the group “Milki”

Alexander Rybak’s group Milki, which he created specifically with the intentions of competing in “Eurovision-2015”, will continue its existence. Although the girls won’t be representing Belarus at the prestigious music contest, the Norwegian singer is already preparing a second song for this team of girls.


 Article was published on the website of a local newspaper “Evening Grodno” 10.01.2015

Found by Ulli C. Translation by Sonya L. Revision by Bita J. 

The group «Milki» performed Rybak’s song «Accent» in English, interspersed with some Belarusian lyrics, in the final of the national selection for «Eurovision 2015». However, the group earned second place amongst the audience voting, and didn’t even place in the top three category according to the jury. Alexander was upset, since according to the singer, not once was he asked to write a song for Belarus for the contest.

Despite all the offensive occurrences, the Norwegian isn’t going to  give up on the girls, and Milki will start working again in February. For now, the whole team is on vacation. It is not known whether the group will preserve the national character, which Rybak initially relied on.

– We are already considering  a Russian version of the song “Accent”, and Alexander will begin to write a second song for the group soon. We will focus not only on the Russian speaking audience, but also on the public in Western Europe. After all, Milki was supported by the winners of “Eurovision” and even Philip Kirkorov – says the co-founder of the project and a representative of the Norwegian singer in Belarus, Andrei Guzel.

Currently, Alexander Rybak is in Moscow on the set of a musical TV show, but the singer celebrated Christmas together with his group in Minsk. He spent Christmas Eve in the studio of “Belteradiokompania”, where there was an active preparation for the national final. They managed to celebrate the holiday afterwards, when the whole team went to one of the capital’s restaurants. Victoria Nazarko told us that they had all become friends during the project, and they had given Alexander a photo album with their pictures and a New Year’s souvenir in memory. The singer also didn’t leave the girls with no attention; he gave his solo CD with Christmas songs to each of them, and sent them a sweet message with warm words on New Year’s Eve.

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