Alexander Rybak will appear in the Norwegian show “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”!

Finally today, after lengthy speculations, TV2 announced 7 artists who will take part in the popular Norwegian reality TV-show “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” (“Every Time We Meet”), and Alexander Rybak is one of them!  Here are several articles in Norwegian media regarding this matter.

Here Are the New “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” Artists

Article from, published on June 21st, 2013

Author: Tore Waskaas

Found by Hilde M. English translation by Tessa Lande. Revised by Katie Anderson.

This group will entertain you in 2014.

The wait is over! The artists in the third season of “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” are Alexander Rybak, Simone Eriksrud (formerly Simone Larsen), Sigvart Dagsland, Anneli Drecker, Lars Lillo-Stenberg, Samsaya and Øivind” Elg “Elgenes.

Confirmed by TV 2 today.

Alexander Rybak says the following about his participation in the program:

– I said yes because music is best when you share it with others. And especially when you share it with such versatile performers and songwriters. I am looking forward the most to what I can learn from these amazing artists, whom I, with respect and humility, am going to have dinner with in the barn.

Description of the show concept made by Hilde M.

“Hver Gang Vi Møtes” (Every Time We Meet) is a reality concept for artists.

7 artists meet and live together for a week at a farm. The concept is a cozy get-together, wherein the artists shall perform their own covers of the other artist’s songs. Each artist has a day that is designated to them. The artist chooses the activities during the day, and later the other artists will perform this artists songs at the dinner table in the evening. All the artists will prepare the songs they will do a cover of in advance, that is the musical challenge.


Alexander Rybak Has Only Cried Twice in Ten Years

Article from, published on June 21st, 2013

Author: Stine Eriksen

Found and translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Katie Anderson.

HVER GANG VI MØTES: Alexander Rybak is looking forward to getting new impressions and inspiration from the others for songwriting. Photo: Scanpix

Alexander Rybak (27) does not believe there will be tearful moments during “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” (“Every Time We Meet”).

Friday it was announced that Alexander Rybak (27) is one of seven artists who will participate in “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” this autumn on TV 2.
After the cancelled concerts, outbursts on stage, and depression rumors, Rybak has been “slaughtered” in the media. The years after the great victory in the Eurovision Song Contest have done something to the 27-year-old.

– I have experienced a lot the past years, and have become strong mentally, he says to
Since the Eurovision victory with “Fairytale”, Rybak has released four albums. He has been awarded the “Spellemann of the year” and held concerts all over the world. In 2011 the artist participated in the Swedish “Let’s Dance.”

Cried Twice in Ten Years

“Hver Gang Vi Møtes” is known as a program with a lot crying, but Rybak doubts that the TV-viewers will see him wipe away tears in prime time.

– In the last ten years I have only cried twice, Rybak says.

The first time was when he saw the musical “Singing in the rain”. The second time was at Disney World in Florida a few weeks ago. Both times it was tears of joy.
– It takes a lot to make me cry. It must be fireworks. Then I am moved! I like moments that are earthy and spectacular at the same time.

– Do you think we will have that kind of moment in “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”?
– I am quite sure that all the others can deliver really great TV moments. But if I’m going to cry? Yes, one must manage to make a real Disney moment …

ESC-WINNER: Alexander Rybak won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 with the song “Fairytale”. Photo : Scanpix

Afraid to Sweat

Those who will try to create Disney moments for Rybak in this year’s “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” are Simone Eriksrud, Sigvart Dagsland, Anneli Drecker, Lars Lillo-Stenberg, Samsaya and Øivind “Elg” Elgenes.

Rybak thinks deLillos might be able to do it.

– I’m a superfan of deLillos, and I try to seek the simplicity in their songs. Suddenly I will dine at the same table as him. I’m afraid that I’m going to sit there and sweat in front of him.

Want to Copy

In the “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” dinner party, there are many artists with strong songs. Rybak thinks the biggest challenge will be to make the songs their own.

DANCE LION: In 2011 Alexander Rybak participated in the Swedish “Let’s Dance” with dance partner Malin Johansson. Photo: Scanpix

– One is influenced by the original and will want to copy the song, but I want to contribute with my own versions. I am a professional, and this is the job I’m looking most forward to, Rybak says.

In addition to sharing songs with each other in the program, the artists will also share stories.

– What will the TV-viewers learn about you that they did not already know?

– I have things that I stand for and want to share with the audience, so it is up to each individual as to whether they want to learn from it or look at it as pure entertainment.


Here are all the new participants:
Therefore, they have agreed to “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”

Article in published on June 21st, 2013

Author: Catherine Gonsholt Ighanian and Atle Jørstad

Found and translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Katie Anderson.

Alexander Rybak:

Why are you participating?

– Because they asked. I have followed this program a lot. And I have seen that it is a good way to show the versatility of Norwegian music. I think it’s the most versatile cast so far – not because of my presence, but the other artists. I think I’m going to learn very much. And I think the audience will find it funny. Good entertainment.

Who among the others are you looking forward most to interpret?

– Everyone has their strengths. There are some age differences, so there is a difference in how many albums people have made. But I’ve listened to all the artists’ songs and it was perfect. The main thing is that I should just try to create my version of the songs. There are several artists that have songs that I adore, “Neste Sommer”, “Se så Lykkelig”, there are many songs I grew up with. But I do not dare to do my version of them. I have found someone new.

Which of your songs do you hope to hear?

– I hope that some of the most famous songs are included. The most important thing for me is that the artist chooses a song she or he can stand for, and have passion for. I’m very open.


Here Are This Year’s “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” Artists
There will neither be a dance on roses nor a dance on neuroses.

Article in published on June 21st, 2013.

Authors: Hege Varsi, Marthe Jakobsen, Trine Høklie Jonassen, Jan Thomas Holmlund

Found by Marianne Saietz. Translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Katie Anderson.

Alexander Rybak (27)
Eurovision-winning pop artist with a very successful career, including Eastern Europe.

Why would you participate?

– Because they asked. No! If you say yes to something, one must mean it hundred percent and believe that one can help with something! I keep getting requests, and every time I have to feel if it is right or not, it’s not right. This was right.

Which artists are you most excited about?

– I am most excited about those I do not know much about! I truly believe that we are a versatile bunch.

What are you most looking forward to, and what are you dreading the most?

– I am very excited to be able to learn from the diversity of Norwegian music, as represented by these six artists. Now I have spent all day yesterday listening through many, many, many albums and I’ve already found a bunch of songs that I want to do. I get easily excited.

I both look forward to and dread, a bit, socializing 24/7. I am used to living in my own cave, almost all day. Whether it is a hotel room in Poland or home with my parents, I like to be by myself and prepare. I’m most social at night. And here there will be socializing for many days in a row, round the clock. But it’s very nice, though. It’s cozy. I have been on the go for years, and I have not looked back. I listened to my own songs yesterday, in fact, for the first time in many years. It was nostalgic!

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