We live like a family – Damn, what a life!

Alexander Rybak’s close female friends speak out.

Alexander Rybak doesn’t lack cute girls either in his audience or backstage. The ones closest to him talk about the special life with the Eurovision winner.

Text to the picture: Close relationships: Alexander Rybak has Kathrine Hvinden Hals and Maria Slyngstad as his closest support team.

Source: Paper issue of Her og Nå, December 2010. Text: Per Ingar Nilsen. Photo: Svein Brimi. Found by Karense Ingavldsen/Diana Caterin Cgurumendi. Translated by Jorunn Ekre. Revision by Anni Jowett. 

Maria Slyngstad (25) and Kathrine Hvinden Hals are more than Alexander Rybak’s (24) violinists and backing vocalists . The beauties also belong to his inner circle, where not everybody is let in. For Maria and Kathrine it is a special life. Like a fairytale – a real “Fairytale”

– We feel like a family since we spend so much time together, Kathrine tells to Her og Nå.

This week Alexander has the premiere of his Christmas show “Swinging Home for Christmas”. And it is not only his two good girlfriends who will go with him on the tour. Alexander also bring a big band.

We are good friends, but we can quarrel quite a lot, Kathrine admits.
Both she and Maria are happy that Alexander is just one of the gang when the trio is together. There are no diva gestures from the childhood friend.
It is allowed to say your opinion, says Maria.

– At the concerts he is in charge, but not other times, she says.

Alexander Rybak Maria Strøm Slyngstad Kathrine Hvinden Hals 2010
Text in the upper right corner: Christmas tour: Alexander takes his female friends with him when he goes on Christmas tour. 30th November is the premiere of “Swinging Home for Christmas” in Sandnes.

When they are abroad, Alexander doesn’t get away from the many shopping malls.
– We drag him along shopping. Alexander isn’t too good at finding clothes for himself, Maria says laughing.

Kathrine agrees saying he isn’t a follower of fashion.
He doesn’t have a clue, but we help him, Kathrine says teasingly.
She and Maria thinks it’s nice when the three of them go shopping together.

Does Alexander pay for all of it during the shopping sprees?
No, we pay for everything ourselves, says Maria.

The girls have been almost constantly travelling with Alexander and they have made many trips abroad. They recently came home from a performance in the US.

– For the past year we have done nothing but travel. It’s been fantastic, says Kathrine who thinks the trips to Eastern Europe   have been particularly thrilling.

– We met at the Barratt Due Music Institute when we were quite young. It was a close-knit environment, so we played together, Kathrine tells.

The girls became a part of Alexander’s closest team a year ago. The fact they were old friends meant a lot.

– He keeps in touch with his closest friends, Maria tells.

– Alexander asked us because he wanted to have someone to share his experiences with. He wanted for us to experience everything that happened around him. It can be lonely travelling around alone, says Maria.

– He hasn’t changed. He is the same friend he’s always been. Very down to earth, she thinks.

Alexander Rybak autografer Jesshem
Popular: Alexander takes his time to write autographs . This is after a concert in Jessheim.

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