All of Alexander Rybak’s “Min Favorittmusikk” radio programmes on NRK Klassisk

Alexander hosted his very first episode of  “Min Favorittmusikk” in the spring of 2014. This autumn, he continues to host the programme once  every  4 weeks.  Throughout these radio programmes he shares with us his favourite classical songs, his expertise on the pieces, and how they have influenced his life.

Here are all the programmes so far, and also interviews and articles related to this. They all have English subtitles/translation. Click on the pictures to get to the videos/ articles.

min favorittmusikk


“Min Favorittmusikk” 11.12.2014.  Topic this time was interaction and joy, and guest of honour was Stephan Barratt Due, his former principal at he Music Institut.


Min favorittmusikk


“Min Favorittmusikk” 13.11.2014. Topic this time was love. “One thing is for certain, there is love in all of us”


klassisk 2

“Min Favorittmusikk” 16.10.2014.
Topic this time was the violin, and the guest was Henning Kraggerud.



NRK Klassisk


“Min Favorittmusikk” 18.09.2014. Topic today was childhood. He presented us many beautiful pieces and told interesting stories about himself and classical music.


NRK-klassisk Alexander Rybak 

Interview in 17.09.14

The musician Alexander Rybak (28) has his debut as a host on the radio NRK Klassisk tomorrow morning at 9 am.




Interview in the radio programme “Midt i Musikken” 3.9.2014 about his new job as a regulare host in “Min Favorittmusikk” autumn 2014.


NRK klassisk spring 2014


“Min Favorittmusikk” 25.03.14 and an interview on 26.03.14 about  classical music. The video of the radio programme is below the interview.

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