Alexander Rybak – episodes of Hver Gang Vi Møtes 2014

All episodes of HGVM. The episode of Alexander’s day and the final one about duets are in full length, the others are shorter versions with the parts that contains Alexander.

1. Episode – Øyvind “Elg”  – In addition  making his own knife, and testing out archery, Alexander also performed his cool version of  “Lucky One”.

2. Episode – Anneli Drecker’s day. Anneli chose Yoga and karaoke dancing as today’s activities.  Alexander performed his great reggae version of “Strange Little Bird”.

3. Episode – Alexander’s day. In between playing with LEGO and windsurfing the other artists performed their interpretation of his songs. 

4. Episode – Simones’s day.  Simone let Alexander sleep through the farmer’s morning job in the henhouse, but later he took part in the rowing exercise in a double with Elg. And he performed a really smooth version of Simone’s “Smooth Escape”.

5. Episode – Sigvart Dagsland’s day . Alexander started the day by winning the Frisbee Golf competition and was awarded with the Golden Frisbee. Later in the evening he performed a very touching version of Sigvart’s “Kan eg gjør någe me det” (Can I Do Anything about It?). Definitely one of the highlights in the whole show.

6. Episode – Samsaya’s day. Today it was time for some rap, and after making their own colorful costumes, Alexander performed a Norwegian version of Samsaya’s “Money”, which Alexander called “Penger”.

7.  Episode –  Lars Lillo Stenberg’s day. The activities were football and picking mushrooms. Alexander performed “UT”.

Alexander in Lars Lilo Stenberg's day HGVM

This episode will be uploaded  with translation  soon 🙂


8. Episode – The final show, and today it was all about music and duets. Alexander took part in three of the songs. English translation are added now 🙂

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