Tusen Takk – Fan report by Anni Jowett

Alexander Rybak performed at the Cystic Fibrosis charity event “Tusen Takk” in Boxmeer, The Netherlands 30th of October 2016.

Fan report by Anni Jowett / Photos by Remonda C.
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FR Boxmeer Remonda C 2
Tusen Takk Alexander Rybak . Photo: Remonda C.

A few years ago when I was younger , I kind of fell under the musical spell of young musician from Norway, years later he’s a bit older… and so am I. But I was not alone, there are many who fell under the same spell, and most still remain captive to this day.

One of them was a young girl who has cystic fibrosis. Ten years ago she had a lung transplant, and this year Niels celebrated her 25th birthday. She did this in very special way, she and her mother Vera planned a fabulous benefit concert to raise money and awareness for The NCFS, a cystic fibrosis charity, they invited some musical artists including Alexander Rybak and he came, and brought along with him a brilliant classical pianist Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos. So when I found out there was to be such a concert I knew I just had to attend.

FR Boxmeer Remonda C7
Alexander Rybak and Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos on stage together at Boxmeer.                                                                                                                            Photo: Remonda C.

I first met Niels a few years ago, and over the years we have got to meet again several times in Norway and have become friends. She has such a strong spirit and when she is well she has so much joy and spirit in her life. I know also there are bad days, when the pain is hard and life is far from easy. The way of living that the majority of us just take for granted. But she is a fighter! And she knows that laughter, friendships and joy are the best tonics to ease those painful days.

FR Boxmeer Remonda C4
Photo: Remonda C.

So this concert brought together friends from not only Netherlands but those who live in Norway, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and me from the U.K. to name a few. And it was fantastic to meet up with such a nice group of people again.
What an amazing afternoon. The venue was stylish but at the same time very cosy. The room was packed with happy smiling faces. The music and stage presentations kept those smiles coming. Alexander made us all smile even more when he switched the words in “Jealous” to include the “Monkeys on the shelf”. (The monkeys were on sale to raise extra funds for the charity).

FR Boxmeer Remonda C5
All the artists together with Niels and her family on stage just before the finale. Photo Remonda C.

After the concert, Alexander and Stefan came along to meet everyone, in a comfortable informal meeting, so still much love and smiles for all.

FR Boxmeer group Ulli
Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos meeting fans after the concert.            Photo: Ulli C.

What an amazing day. Tusen Takk to Niels and Vera, may all your dreams continue to come true. A pure pleasure to be there and join in the celebration.

Anni, Alexander and Niels.                             Photo : Anastasia S.

All monies raised went to The NCFS, the Dutch Cystic Fibrosis Foundation which supports CF patients through raising awareness, connecting CF patients and committing to research. Many national and international research is done in order to develop new medical treatments for CF. Some of these can even address the cause of the disease. It is expected that due to this elaborate research Cystic Fibrosis could no longer be a common fatal disease, but a chronic disease instead.

FR Boxmeer Remonda C6
Photo: Remonda C.

Tusen Takk Cystic Fibrosis charity event, Boxmeer,NL October 2016. Fan report by Anni Jowett.

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  1. Anni thank you very much for this report. It was very interesting and fantastic charity event.

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