Touched his mother to tears from the stage. 19.07.2018

I’m so proud of my boy!

The evening edition of the annual summer show “Allsang på grensen”, which was recorded yesterday,  can offer everything from tears to joy. 

Source:, published 19.07.18 Text by  Julie Solberg  Marius Kromvoll. Photo by TV2
English translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett.

In addition, the popular artist Tor Endresen (59) surprised with the news that he will become a grandfather for the third time , the audience also witnessed a big and emotional moment for Alexander Rybak (32) and his mother Natalia.

His new single “Mom”,  Rybak performed for an enthusiastic audience, is a warm love declaration to a mother who has stood by him through unimaginable ups and tough downers.

-I was very inspired by” Hver gang vi møtes”, and wanted to give her a musical gift,  Alexander says to Se&Hør right after his performance, and adding that he himself is very pleased.

“I hope that mom is happy too,” he smiled humbly.

Moved to tears

That the touching tribute was welcomed by his mother, Rybak didn’t  have to worry about.

Natasha sat on the first row in the audience at “Allsang på grensen”, unable to hold her tears back.

– It was so great. I was very touched, Natasha says to Se & Hør, while the tears are about to dry.

After the recording last night, she looked forward to hear the song over and over again on her way home to Follo.

– The song was beautiful. I have to listen to it several times to take it all in, she smiles and adds jubilantly :

– I’m so proud of my boy!

Heavy time

In 2010, Alexander told he had suffered from a nervous breakdown . In the summer of 2011 he also spoke openly about how massive stress made him “hit the wall”. During this heavy period, the artist also sought help and advice from a number of psychologists.

But first and foremost, it was a comforting mother’s good counsel and love that was essential for regaining the joy of life, which Alexander is now sparkling with.

– I wrote the song a long time ago. At that time I was depressed. I felt that Mom was my last rescue, my last hope. It’s often that the parents are the last hope, the last support you can lean on to, says an open and grateful Alexander.

Pain hell

The recent times have been nice for Alexander, who is still in love with Julie Gaarud Holm (23). Then he suddenly this summer got to feel a tremendous pain hell.Then mom was on the spot right away to comfort her boy.

– I don’t know why I haven’t released the song earlier, but I thought it fitted very good now. I have just had a tonsil operation and it was so painful. It was not possible to swallow,  not to mention singing, says Alexander today.

– Then I thought about mom again.We had a lot of contact and she assured me that this was going well. Then I suddenly was the little child again who needed comfort from mom, smiles Belarusian born Alexander.

He also says that tough times with a lot of attention after the international success in 2009 , it was extra good to have earthly parents who kept his legs well planted on earth.

– That’s what I’m singing about in the song. And that no matter what comes in the world, there will be joy, there will be sadness, Mom is always there for me anyway. I have the world’s best mom,” says the fiddler singer.

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