CANCELLED – Alexander to perform at Benefit Gala in Dallas, Texas

We have got a message from he organizer of the charity concert:

“Sorry to inform you that this event has been cancelled. The contract with Alexander was signed and everything was in order, but unfortunately the biggest sponsor had to withdraw the support. Postponment was an option for Alexander, but the organizer didn’t see any possible new sponsor in the nearest future, so they decided to cancel instead.

As a replacement another organizer was contacted for a regular concert, and he was interested. But after a while he had to say no too, unfortunately.  So by now the trip to Texas is a bit out in the blue. Sorry for this. “


Howdy, Ya’ll!

Save the date:  August of 2016

Alexander Rybak will be performing in Dallas, Texas at a benefit gala for a local non-profit organization. The event is being held to honor the organization’s donors, and treat them to an evening of dinner and entertainment in gratitude of their generosity.
Currently, admission is invite only; however,  in the spring of 2016 entry will be opened to individual donors. We are looking forward to hearing more about this as details are released!

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