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Debuts with a musical-book

– I’ve always liked to write, and I want to continue an old tradition of making books with music, says Alexander Rybak.

Source:  Author: Victoria Jelsø Spanthus Published 19.9.15

Most people know him from the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 when he won with the song “Fairytale”. Few people know him as a children’s author. Now Alexander Rybak debuts with the fairy tale book Trolle and the Magic Fiddle (Cappelen Damm). And the book comes with CDs, where Rybak has recorded magic songs for each of the scenes in the story.

Alexander Rybak is not just this week’s children’s profile here on BOK365. You can also meet him at the children’s festival already at 11:00 today (19.09.15).

Author: Alexander Rybak

trolle10Current with: Trolle and the Magic Fiddle (Cappelen Damm)

Trolle lives in the woods and is being bullied by the other children, until one day he finds a magic fiddle. When he plays on it, the others do as he wants. This results in the others becoming so afraid  of Trolle that they run away from him and his fiddle. But many years later, he meets a human child Alva who is not afraid to befriend him.

Why did you write this particular book:

I have always liked to write, and I want to continue an old tradition of making books with music. I have also been inspired by the Russian children’s book tradition, where you take children more seriously, and mixes melancholy with humour. In that sense I am particularly pleased to have Dennis Storhøi in the team, who is the narrator.

Three children’s book favourites:

-OliverTwist. Not sure if it’s a children’s book, but my dad read it to me in bed when I was 8 years old.

-Pippi. And generally all other Lindgren universe. I love how she makes complicated things seem so simple.

-Winnie the Pooh. But only the Russian translation. The bear who can really play with words!

Check out:

Tooji’s  “Taki and Grandmother”. At least if you’re a small child.

How do you work?

Now I am so fresh as an author, that it’s a bit early to talk about author “habits”, but since Trolle is a musical book, it was important for me to build characters that were very different, so it becomes exciting to both read and listen to. Then I built motives, and finally I wrote out the whole story!

Your own favourite illustration?

Now I’ve worked so much with Thomas Kirkeberg  the recent months, that I have become biased to that question. You can truly rejoice to see his illustrations!

Which children’s book made the biggest impression on you as a child?

It must have been the Russian Pooh. He was never politically correct, and said things just as they were. The character has influenced in who I am, for better or worse.

Which children’s book character would you rather have faced?

I would like to have faced the bitter stepbrother of Harry Potter. It seems like he needs a hug.

And who would you rather even have been?

Pippi, definitely! But the male version, so I didn’t have to wear the stockings and pigtails.

What must a really good children’s book contain?

Hulder and trolls, of course.

The Adventures of Potter or the Seven Seas with Pippi?

It seems the little safer with Pippi, so…

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