Alexander Rybak: “There is delicious Borsht and sushi in Ukraine”

Interview from the magazine “MasterChef” (“Telenedelya”. Special supplement № 68, November 2011)

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Author: Tamila Ablaeva

Translation by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Katie Anderson

Alexander played a terrific piece on his violin in the first season of the show “MasterChef” , he shared his favorite recipe of “Norwegian salmon” and admitted that he accepts tasty gifts from his fans.

– Sasha, are you often invited to cooking shows?

– No, not often, but recently I was invited to a cooking show in Stockholm. But I didn’t like it, it was terrible, they didn’t ask me anything, for them it was only important to have a known person and that’s all. Because of that I was very afraid to participate in your show, but now I have a very positive feeling.

– Ukraine is famous for its delicious food, and as far as I know, there is no national cuisine in Norway?

– Why no, there are two or three popular dishes. But I don’t like them. You’ll understand why when I’ll tell you what they are, for example, one is a sheep’s head. But I like Ukrainian dishes, yes.

– Who cooks for you? 

– I live alone in an apartment, so, of course, I have to cook myself. But my mom lives not very far from me and she often wonders what I eat, maybe there is a need to warm up the potatoes, or to cook something for me.

– What is your favorite food?

– I love Belorussian kolduny made by my mom since my childhood, they are very tasty when she cooks them. Actually, Norwegian pizza is the most delicious food for me, it is made with cheese and ham by a local recipe. I don’t like mixed vegetables, side dishes, the only thing I like is how Mexicans cook it, bean dishes, guacamole sauce, I like something like that.

– Do you like sweets?

– Yes, unfortunately sweets are my weakness, chocolate, different desserts. But your Ukrainian desserts are not so healthy, and the pancakes are too fatty.

– And are you on some diet?

– I tried one method, it seems it was a protein diet, but I failed. I don’t deny myself food, I can’t sleep if I don’t eat at least 2 hours before bedtime. I don’t understand, when people eat at 7:00 PM, then they go walk around  for eight hours and lay down to sleep hungry.

– What do you eat in the morning?

– Chocolate flavored cereal flakes and rings. I like those.

– Do you accept edible gifts?

– Well, if it’s something very edible, then I accept it. But I’m not afraid to accept such gifts, I have normal fans.

– Which country has the most delicious food, in your opinion?

– Norway, there is tasty fish and delicious Chinese restaurants, and I would advise Norwegians to go to Ukraine, you have very tasty Borsht and sushi.

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