The “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” Christmas concert in Vinger church 04.12.2016

Filled the church with Christmas

With 280 tickets sold, Vinger church was a sold out on Sunday evening. High profiled guests were visiting.

Text to featured photo: Full house: Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak, Hans Petter Moen, Marian Aas Hansen, Maria Haukaas Mittet and Rune Larsen filled Vinger church Sunday evening with their concert “Stille Natt Hellige Natt”.

Source: Published 06.12.2016 Text: Erik Mæhlum. Photo: Ole-Johnny Myrvold. Found by Ulli C., provided by Jorunn Ekre. Translation Jorunn Ekre, revision Anni Jowett

A star-studded quintet consisting of Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak, Maria Haukaas Mittet, Marian Aas Hansen, Rune Larsen and Hans Petter Moen brought the classic Christmas celebration to Vinger church.
“Stille Natt Hellige Natt” was a toned down and worthy concert with an emphasis on reflection. With all of them dressed in black there was a focus on the message when the quintet split up and delivered individual and soulful interpretations.

Popular: Alexander Rybak had great success in the church concert on Sunday

Loud applause in church

After Marian Aas Hansen’s tribute to the Virgin Mary, Maria Haukaas Mittet came forward and performed “Et lys i mot mørketida” (A light towards the darkness) with the others on backup vocals.
Alexander Rybak’s violin gave the audience Eastern European Christmas mass tones from the orthodox school. It went from a classic intro to Russian/Hungarian stomping tones from the violin and piano. The audience replied with the evening’s biggest applause to a stomping rhythm.

Rune Larsen took on the part as a preaching and singing host, and changed the mood in the church with his interpretation of “Fordi jeg elsker deg”  (English version; “To Make You Feel My Love.”) 

Hans Petter Moen followed up with a calm and controlled interpretation of “Himmel på jord ” (Heaven on earth), and together with Larsen they managed to lower shoulders and the mood.

Voice : Maria Haukaas Mittet’s musical voice was a hit.


Then it was suitable with the evening’s first drums and an audience that snapped their fingers to Haukaas Mittet’s musical voice and interpretation of Kirk Franklin’s “The night that Christ was born”.
Afterwards Rune Larsen urged people to sing along on the well-known Christmas songs.

Made people sing along

Don’t be afraid to sing out of tune. If you sing enough out of tune it will be polyphonic, Larsen said to laughter from 280 festive people.

Rune Larsen introduced “År for År” (Year by Year), a newly written song, performed by Aas Hansen. A song about loss and bereavement when December comes.

Larsen brought up the Middle East and its conflicts, and performed “Jerusalem”, a hope for the conflict in Israel to end.

Rybak’s stage presence woke up the audience once more to a loud applause. People tried all the time to get a better view of the charmer, and it became obvious who the audience enjoyed the most.

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