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Source: Smaalenenes avis, published 27.06.2015. Author: Trond Erikson. Photo: Glenn Thomas Nilsen. Article provided by May Elisabeth Nipen.

Strong play in the locks: The dress rehearsal for Soot-pageant Thursday became a wet affair. But a festive audience and good actors warmed in the wet and cool evening in the locks at Ørje. Here is Dennis Storhøi as Engebret Soot (lying on his sickbed), along with, among others, Anne Lindholm (left) and Eldbjørg Solerød (sitting on the bed).

Dennis Storhøi, Alexander Rybak, Ragnar Dyresen and Samuel Fröler are good names to have on the cast when you are inviting the public to a play.

Negotiations: Engebret Soot was always searching after money for his project. Here we see Ragnar Dyresen as Peder Anker (left), Paul Simen Stemmedal, Lars Kristian Ruud and Dennis Storhøi.

MARKER: Along with good local actor forces they gave the audience a great evening at the locks in Ørje. The following days, at the locks, we will find local actor talents of good quality, which together with the professional forces have given the Soot-Play a good boost.

Better and better

Good partners: Dennis Storhøi and Lars Johansen (to the right) It is bestowed – once again.

The first part of the dress rehearsal on Thursday got a big dose what the play really is about, namely water. The result was drowning microphones – and all the water from above probably gave the cast a little uncertainty at the beginning of the play.

It is bestowed: Anne Lindholm pours brandy to Dennis Storhøi (left) and Lars Kristian Ruud.

It may still not take away the impression that the play’s first act was a bit rambling though, and it had some small moments with too much  standstill. It can be advantageous to tighten a little, so that the flow will be even better. The second act, however, was big upturn journey. The scene changes went without delay, and the ensemble managed to keep the viewers’ attention to the end.

Good direction – good music

Mistresses everywhere: Engebret Soot had many children outside of marriage, but managed to marry off all his mistresses. Here, a mass wedding.

One is impressed by what director and project leader Anneli Sollie has achieved. With a small budget and a static stage area, she has in a simple way managed to give the area life. It is also brilliant to use the locks in the production.

Drinking: The log drivers were fond of a nip. Here a preacher got a little too much to drink by Karl Flota (Daniel Sandvik)

The play, as it stands now, is in many ways new. And here comes the newly written music for Henning Kvitnes as a breath of fresh air. Especially in scenes with the log drivers, Kvitnes has created a “navvy” music image, which fits the scenography like a glove.   There must also be given a big bouquet of flowers to the play’s musicians, Ingar Guttormsen, Day Tofteng and Johan Østreng. Some small things can still successfully be sanded off. Among other things, the play’s first song that seemed a little too upbeat due to the scene image setting. And one can always wonder why the song “Fairytale” turns up when Alexander Rybak appears. It was perhaps intended as a public courtship?

Growing achievement

Abrupt awakened by Engebret Soot: Ole Bull (Alexander Rybak) was awakened in his hotel bed by Engebret Soot, who had missed his concert in Oslo.

Otherwise Rybak must be given credit for good performance of Ole Bulls music, and he worked fine as a growling Bergenser (Bergenser = a person from Bergen) in the hotel bed.

Good performances: Eldbjørg Solerød (left), Sanne Kvitnes and Samuel Fröler gave life to the characters Anne Soot, Inger Marie Soot and Sogneprest Heierdal.

The acting was all over of good quality. The ensemble of professional actors – Dennis Storhøi (as Engebret Soot), Ragnar Dyresen (as Peder Anker) and Samuel Fröler (as pastor) – emerged with a good dose of confidence, something the whole production benefitted from.

Impressive voice: Sanne Kvitnes as Inger Marie Soot.

The local amateurs from the Youth Music Theatre and from the theatre team grow in their achievements with such talented people around them. In particular Sanne Kvitnes, Lars Johansson and Daniel Sandvik efforts should get an extra flower. Their performances were completely at the height of the contracted qualities.

Great play

That a small community can manage such a well made play, is impressive. It’s something to look forward to next year!

Died after illness: A dying Engebret Soot (Dennis Storhøi) in the poignant ending of the Soot-Play 2015.


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