Alexander Rybak – The Idol troll – “School Diary” 01.12.2006

 Alexander Rybak interviewed by the  “School Diary” in Dagbladet 01.12.2006

Source: paper issue of Dagbladet, published 1.12.2006. Text: Jon Andre Sæther. Photo: TV2.

Name: Alexander Rybak
Current: Won “Kjempesjansen” on NRK
Age: 20
Hight: 1,84
From: Nesodden
Favourite movie: “Old Boy”
Favourite song: “From Grace” by Thomas Dybdal.
Favourite website:
What was written on your “Russe-card” ?: No way I will sell my body! …but you can borrow it. 

 Won “Kjempesjansen. What happens now Alexander?

Now there will be some performances . I will perform in the TV-show “Lille Julaften”(the day before Christmas) on NRK, and have got the opportunity to sing the Christmas song “Tell Me When”, which I wrote last year.

Do you see the 1st place as a personal victory after being ditched out twice in “Idol”?

Yes I do. I took part in “Idol” just to convince myself that I would manage. In “Idol” you are forgotten fast, and it is only Kurt (Nilsen ed.note) who has actually got a career afterwards. Now I have the chance to gradually develop myself as an artist.

What would you have tattooed on your upper arm?

“Honestly”. I would have tattooed “Honestly”. 

What is the most stupid text you have sent being drunk?

You are not supposed to remember that.

What elective did you have in junior high?

I had French as elective in junior high.

What does it take to charm you??

If someone sends something sweet in the mail, write a song or make a video. 

When was the last time you got really angry?

When I was in Brussels  right after I won “Kjempesjansen”. I woke up with a cold at the hotel. I hate being sick. 

What do you need to eat when you have a hangover?

I don’t need to eat anything. I need to sleep. But this happens very seldom. That I sleep I mean.

What law would you like to introduce in Norway?

If someone asks you about something, you should answer. Also if it happens in the streets.

What should be written on your tombstone?

Can we wait a bit with that?

Who should have played you in the movie about your life?

Not quite sure, but I think Bruce Willis would fit well.

Who is the most famous person you have made out with?

One girl I dated before she became a substitute in Team Aylar (a model team). Unfortunately she keeps on denying it.

What is the best celebrity gossip you can tell out?

Dan Børge’s hair is for real. I had to check it before I dared to make a fuss in it during the broadcast.

What is the last thing you did for the first time?

I won “Kjempesjansen”, and I am quite confused right now.

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