Alexander Rybak – The Hit on NRK – Results so far

One song is each week voted by the audience to go further on to the grand final the 24th of October. Here is the list of the winners of the duels so far, and the performances of the songs.

Read more about the The Hit concept and the see the list of songwriters and artists here

If you have access to Spotify, you can listen to all the songs in this playlist here

The Hit 24h of October – Grand Final

The winners and the artists, who perform their songs, from the seven The Hit shows this autumn are gathered in the grand final the 24th of October, and now it’s time to vote for the ultimate HIT .

The Hit 17th of October

Artists: D.D.E. og Maria Haukaas Mittet

The Hit 10th of October

Artists: Alexander Rybak and Trine Rein


The Hit 3th of October

  Mathilde Johnsen with the song “Critical Love” (orig. Phychical Love), performed by A1

A1 The Hit NRK


 The Hit 26th of September

 Lavie with the song “Hold on”, performed by Vidar Busk 

The Hit Vidar Busk NRK

The Hit 19th of September

 Kamilla Wigerstrand with the song “Stormy Nights”, performed by Helene Bøksle 

Unfortunately no videos of this performance. Clicking on the picture will direct you to Spotify.

The Hit Helene Bøksle NRK

The Hit 12th of September

 Sophie Rose Strømme with the song “When loving takes over”, performed by Jørn Hoel

The Hit Jørn Hoel NRK

 The Hit 5th of September

Andreas Gjone with the song “Never Ending Light”, performed byD’Sound”.


The winner song is played second in this video. The first song is the other song in the duel, “Building a Life” performed by Atle Pettersen

D'Sound The Hit NRK

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