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The Hit will be broadcasted live 8 Fridays in a row on NRK 1, starting the 5th of September, and ending with the grand final the 24th of October. The host is Marthe Stokstad. 42 songwriters will present their songs, and Alexander Rybak is one of the 14 famous artists who will pick their “hit” and perform it live and release it as their new single. If you want to be in the audience, you can book tickets in this link here . There are no ticket costs. Click on the word “publikumspåmelding” that you will find under each show.

NRK The hit Alexander Rybak

The Hit is the show where unknown songwriter talents present their songs to famous Norwegian artists. There is a lot at stake for both songwriters and performers in The Hit. This time the artists are not sitting behind a judges table and have an opinion about others’ achievements. In The Hit the artists will choose the song they have the biggest faith in, and then perform it at the show and release the song as their next single.

The Hit is based on a true story with a background in the Brill Building in New York City. The Brill Building was America’s most important hit factory during the 50’s and 60’s, and here the artists and managers could walk from room to room and listen to songwriters who presented their songs. Many of America’s biggest hits were conceived in the corridors of this building. This was how Elvis found “Jailhouse Rock”

In The Hit, two artists in each show walk between six rooms in search of their next single. The artists do not know what songs the unknown songwriters will present to them, and the songwriters do not know which pop star that will show up in their rooms. The artists first choose two songs each, and they will not rveal before the live broadcast  which one of the two songs that will be their next single. The revelation happens musically as they perform the song.

The viewers get the opportunity to vote on the songs the artists perform with the question of which of the two songs that have the biggest hit-potential. One song from each show goes further on to the grand finale where the ultimate hit song will be declared.

New songwriting talents will be highlighted, and potentially The Hit will give the country some new hits. NRK has applied broadly for songwriters and received all 3162 songs. The Super Producer Steve Lillywhite is on the team, and he is the man who has chosen the songs that will be presented to the artists. More about Steve Lillywhite here

The Hit will be broadcasted in prime time on NRK1 with the premiere on September 5th at. 19.55 CET. Eight shows, including a grand final that is broadcasted 24th of October. The host is Marte Stokstad.

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NRK The Hit - artists

The artists that will take part:

  • Atle Pettersen
  • D’sound
  • Maria Haukaas Mittet
  • D.D.E.
  • Trine Rein
  • Alexander Rybak
  • Maria Arredondo
  • Vidar Busk
  • Helene Bøksle
  • Alexander With
  • Jørn Hoel
  • Åge Sten Nilsens Ammunition
  • Venke Knutson
  • A1



Here is a list showing the dates for broadcasting of the show with the names of the songwriters and their songs: 

5. September

Artists: D’sound and Atle Pettersen


Andreas Gjone, Oslo.«Never Ending Light». 

Kristin Spitznogle, Drammen. “3am (The Judas part)”.

Inge Boska Akerø, Vartdal (Ålesund): “Anybody out there

Tor Øyvind Quille, Åsmund Jensen and Tommy Henriksen,  “Building a life” a rock song

Robert D. Hermann and Hugh Neal,«Lights my life»

Sara Jørundland Berg, Kristiansand. It’s Love»


12. September

Artists: Venke Knutson and Jørn Hoel


Siv Marit Egseth, Oslo (Trondheim) «We Own This Place”

Ivar Barstad, Telemark – “Propell”

Lise Monica Nygård, Jessheim – “Fool for Love”

Even Kern, Larvik – “Love life”

Fredrik Langsø, Oslo  – “Salvation”

Sofie Rose Strømme, Spikkestad – “When loving takes over”



19. September

Artists: Helene Bøksle and Alexander With


Kamilla Wigestrand, Asker – “Stormy Nights”

Bjørn Terje Bråthen,  “Think Me Think You”

Ole Anders Amundsen, Halden – “House on the prairie”

Silje Sandanger and Ken Ove Johansen, Figgjo – “You”

Jens Henrik Aasmundseth, Bergen – “There She Goes”

Harald Austad, Ole Morten Aagenæs and Krister G. Roang, Asker and Bærum – “Ain’t got a Dollar”


26. September

Artists: Maria Arredondo and Vidar Busk


Lavie Hassani, – “Hold on”

Daniel Birkeland and Kai Worley, Bergen/Oslo – “Antenna”

Susan Diana Andreassen, Brummundal – “Is It OK?”

Hans-Arne Arntsen, Jaren – “Love train”

Liv Karin Lange, Molde “Før Eg Går” (Before I Leave)

Thomas Dyrø and Øystein Thu, Sandnes/Sola – “When it’s my time to go”


3. October

Artists: A1 and Åge Sten Nilsen & The Amunition


Mathilde Johnson, Song about love “Physical Love”

Aleksander Monsen, (Alex Perry), Larvik – “I Will”

Jon Ruder and Christian Svensson, Oslo/Sverige – “Benefit of Doubt”

Johannes Brun, Oslo – “Searching”

Runar Bang, Ålesund – “Do You Think About Me Too?” 

Morten Franck, Oslo – “How You Made Me Feel”
Alder: 47


10. October

Artists: Alexander Rybak and Trine Rein 


Cecilie Foss!/Band/CecilieFoss1

Geir Arne Hansen

Harald Tønsager

Svein Edvardsen and Torstein Kollevåg

Elisabeth Mjanger,  – “What I long for” 

Haavard Pettersen


17. October

Artists: D.D.E. and Maria Haukås Mittet


Per Fredrik Kjølner

Jan Tore Befring and Håvard Erle

Elin Nygård

Lisa Nybrott

Vidar Frydenborg and Geir Michaelsen

Nathalie Pedersen, “Koffør” (Why)


24. October


The winning song from each of the 7 programs gathered in one big grand final to make the final voting for winner of “The Hit”


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