The biggest inspiration for young violinists

The weekend 12.–14. of February Alexander Rybak worked with almost 90 young string players.

The young violinists biggest inspiration

 – Andrine Longa Kopperstad  about Alexander Rybak 

Source:  Parts of an article in Mørenytt published 18.02.2016. Text: Ingvild Runde. Photo: Oddvar Alfsvåg and Kristian Skeide. Translated by Tessa La, revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak og strykere i fosnavåg 2016 – We have had a very inspiring weekend. It has been a fun and educating experience, with a fantastic final concert. Nobody has inspired so many young string players to continue playing the violin as Alexander Rybak. He has really given the violin a comeback, says Inna Svendsen, who is the violin teacher at the culture schools in Volda and Ørsta.

Alexander has been an instructor at the Orchestra School that is arranged every summer at Borgund Folkehøyskole, so some of the participants have met the violin star there.

 Tips and tricks

Emma Sofie Halse from Ørsta is 14 years old and has played the violin for 5 years. She is also a part of the Youth orchestra at the music schools in Volda and Ørsta.
– Why did you want to go to a seminar with Rybak?

Alexander Rybak Forsnavåg seminar 2016
Alexander Rybak is a clever and inspiring instructor. Photo from the newspaper Fjordingen

– It sounded exciting, and a bit fun that Rybak was coming. I also wanted to play together with more string players, says Emma Sofie. The experience became better than she had expected.

– Rybak was clever at teaching, and I got a lot of tips and learned some tricks, says Emma Sofie. Jenny Halse (14 years), also from Ørsta, thought it was cozy and inspiring to be at the seminar.

– He teaches in a much more fancy way than many other violinist teachers do, she says honestly.

Learned a lot

Nikolai Remme (15 years) from Volda has Inna Svensen as her teacher. He plays in both the symphony orchestra and in the group “Con Moto”. Nikolai has met Rybak before, at the Orchestra School. That’s why he wanted to met him again and learn more.

– It was even more fun than I had expected. Alexander is good at teaching and is very okay and nice. I learned a lot, says a happy Nikolai.

Ida Sofie Vatne (14 years) from Volda also thinks it was an exciting experience to take part in the seminar weekend with Alexander. I learned a lot of new things, says the violinist, who has played for six years.

Alexander Rybak Kristiane Runde fosnavåg 2016
Kristiane Runde played the violin while  Alexander Rybak performed “Always a Woman”.

Andrine Longva Kopperstad says that Alexander Rybak for the time being, is the young violinists biggest inspiration.  The goal with the seminar was to get the youth to keep on playing violin, something they probably succeeded with.

Conscious of timbre

– What do you think about Rybak as a teacher, Øyvind Robak?

– He is good in boasting about what’s good. Alexander has a fun and relaxed style, at the same time he works seriously and explains things in a way that the youth understand. He is also focused on that they have to “play out”, and have a good timbre.


Gala concert in Fosnavåg

It became a bit of an unusual weekend for the Havella orchestra, who provided inspiration to both their own and visiting musicians, and a grand gala concert in Fosnavåg concert house on Sunday.With the violin virtuoso and multi-talented artist Alexander Rybak as his best, together with the numerous playful musicians on stage, this become a nice rare experience for the audience. 

Source: Parts of an article in Vestlandsnytt, published 16.2.2016. Translated by Tessa La, revision by Anni Jowett.

Knut Arne Høyvik Fosnavåg orkester konsert
Knut Arne Høyvik was leading the show, when Rybak let him get the chance:)

A gala concert of the kind the audience got on Sunday is not a daily occurrence. Both the young and the grown-ups responded by cheering and a standing ovation. There were almost no seats left in Fosnavåg’s concert hall. In other words, a great evening for everyone who loves music.

– This was a fantastic concert!
It was lovely and professionally put together from the very start to the end. Ballads, wedding march, folksongs, gospel, instrumental, pop music with songs from Coldplay, Billy Joel and Secret Garden in addition to the boss himself, Alexander Rybak, who got the honour to finish the hit parade with two of his own songs. The last one was worth the entrance fee alone; Fairytale, which was performed with enormous playfulness by those involved, and the audience clapped and toe-tapping ; a climax the undersigned felt like a frantic crescendo.

Alexander Rybak Fosnavåg orkester konsert 2016 4
Alexander Rybak thrives on stage together with the youngest string players.

Joy of playing

The wide smiles of the many children and youths who took part in this were the most joyful to watch, when we sum up everything.

– A fantastic weekend was the recurrent tone when we asked the participants who had been there. Both local and visiting musicians were happy to play with the violin virtuoso Alexander Rybak, and the pleasure was, not unexpected, mutual. The popular fiddler, composer, instructor and author described the young musicians as Sunnmøre’s (the area) biggest talents, among other things because they are extremely teachable and willing to accept advice and instruction.

Rybak was also impressed by the good intonation of the young ones, a skill that makes them able to perform music without notes. This requires that each musician, or fiddler, is vigilant and follows what the others do.

The retired culture school teacher, Robert Skeide, was a fly on the wall during parts of the rehearsal, and  already wrote on Saturday evening that this would be a fabulous concert, and cheered Rybak as this times biggest inspirer of young violinists.

Alexander rybak Fosnavåg orkester konsert 2016 1
Photo from the newspaper Fjordingen


Children and teens from ten municipalities spent the weekend on a seminar and concert with the violinist and singer Alexander Rybak

It’s so cool working with you, you pay attention and do as I say – Alexander Rybak

Source: parts of an article in  Sunnmørsposten, published 15.02.16. Text: Hild Nordal. Translated by Jorunn ekre. Revision by Anni Jowett

– And remember it’s much better to play a couple of notes out of tune with conviction rather than playing correct and nice and being afraid during the whole concert.

Alexander Rybak (29) gives last-minute advice to the young strings before the concert in Fosnavåg concert house on Sunday afternoon. During two days of seminar with the famous violinist and singer, 90 young musicians have practised and learned several of Rybak`s songs.

When he was a child himself, Rybak got to play with his big idols, and he wants very much that the young violinists of today will have similar experiences..

Alexander Rybak Alexander Nikolaev waltz fosnavåg 2016
Alex feat Alex. Little Alexander Nikolaev got the chance to perform alone with Alexander Rybak. Photo: Kristian Skeide

– I think it`s inspiring for young people to play together with someone they admire and think is capable. In addition I have views on music that may be something out of the ordinary, Rybak says smiling.
It`s the string orchestra Havella that took the initiative for the weekend with Rybak. Havella offers the possibility to play together in the violin lessons of Andrine Longva Kopperstad at the culture school in Herøy.
Rybak has a nice concept, he is a very good musician and is good with children. We are very happy to have him here, says the board of directors in Havella Ola Vestavik.
Havella invited other culture schools to the seminar, and over 90 young musicians from Tresfjord, Valldal, Ørsta, Volda, Stryn, Ulsteinvik, Hareid, Sande, Ålesund and Herøy joined in.

– He is so good at both playing and singing. And he isn’t all that strict. He doesn`t nag about having to play perfect, but says the most important thing is to have fun together and have fun with our instrument. We like that, say the teens. .

During the concert on Sunday it was clear that many of the young violinists had learned from Rybak`s joy of performing and his playful way of performing.
They snapped and made tricks with their fiddles in many ways and the musical highlights stood in line. In addition to the strings that participated in the seminar, other young musicians from the culture school and Herøy gospel choir also joined the concert.

– You have mix of discipline and love here in Sunnmøre which is visible in your children. Thank you for letting me be a part of this, Rybak told a sold out venue after the concert.


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