The Benefit concert “Tusen Takk” in Boxmeer 30. October 2016

Alexander Rybak  – “Tusen Takk” benefit concert  in Boxmeer, the Netherlands.

“Tusen Takk” Benefit for Cystic Fibrosis was organized by Niels Peeters and her family in Boxmeer, the local town in the Netherlands where Niels lives. It was also a celebration of Niels’ 25 anniversary and 10 years since her lounge operation.  Alexander, who is a friend of Niels and her family, said yes to perform at the concert already a year before. And he brought with him the pianist Stefan Zlatanos, and together they gave a great concert. 

I the first video below you can watch Alexander’s part of the concert, and the second a summary of the whole concert with all the artists. And below the videos you’ll find a lot of pictures from the concert.

Thanks to Niels and “Tusen Takk” for providing all this 🙂  



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  1. Just now seeing this. What a fantastic concert and so wonderful it has been shared! Thank you for posting, greatly appreciated. ❤️

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