Alexander Rybak: “The Belarusian Jury Killed My Dream!”

The Eurovision winner shared with “Komsomolka” who has upset him, what he doesn’t regret, and if he will continue working with Milki.

Together with his Belarusian manager Andei Guzel (right), Alexander Rybak will take on Milki’s future.

After the Belarusian national selection to Eurovision, most of the discussion was not about the winning duet of the singer Uzari and violinist Maimuna, but about Sasha Rybak, the triumphant Eurovision winner, a Norwegian with Belarusian roots- having been offended. In the past year, Alexander has not just been a passing visitor in our country, but one of our own, as the producer of the group Milki, and despite opposing predictions, he plans to continue his collaboration with the group.

Interview was published on the website of “Komsomolskaya pravda” 15. 01.2015.
Author: Ekaterina Romanova. Photo: Viktor Gilickiy.
Translation by Marina Rolbin

– And why does this surprise you?- laughs Alexander. He’s currently in distant Qatar, preparing to sing on behalf of Belarus at the World Handball Championships.

– Yes, we’re continuing our collaboration with the group Milki. Whether we will drop the national folk elements or come up with a different concept-we’ll discuss that later with my manager Andrei Guzel and his team.

– Many are saying that the group is too raw, the girls haven’t meshed (musically) yet. What do you think their chances are for a worthwhile career and commercial success?

-If the press and jury will continue calling them “raw”, then everyone else will also start believing this. And I think that you should support and nurture new ideas. You know, I was also “raw” once. And here’s what’s most important about what happened in December: I feel that Eurovision is a song contest and it’s not about performances of seasoned national artists! And please don’t provoke me.

-There’s some aggression in your words- after the selection, everyone discussed your video address to the jury and the audience. Do you regret your harsh words?

-I’m happy that the audience voted for us at the national selection. It’s the jury that killed my dream! But the jury is not the people! I think, well, you understand why this happened. And I don’t regret posting the video. The ill-wishers didn’t get this video. Only weak people smile with fake smiles and pretend that they are happy with life. True artists can show their real emotions.

– What do you think about the chances of the selection winner in Austria?

-Unfortunately, not everyone understands that this is a contest where you need to stand out and not just show your perfect voice. But I support Uzari and Maimuna, of course, and I wish them luck.

-Did your attitude to the Belarusian reality change after the selection? 

-I love Belarus! And now in Qatar I would like to remind you that I am representing this country at the World Handball Championships. I never get upset at the country and the people- this is completely different.

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