Alexander Rybak taught his niece to play the violin at the “Slavic Bazaar”

Article published on 13.07.2012.

Text by Sergey Andrianov. Photos by Evgeniy Krasnook.

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Translation by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn

Rybak arrived at his sister’s place on the outskirts of Vitebsk in the evening before the festival opening concert, with flowers! He bought roses and lilies for his niece Uliana and brought a CD with his songs for his half-sister Julia (she’s daughter of Sasha’s dad Igor Rybak from his first marriage). And he brought his violin, of course.


English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Recording and subs by Sonya Luzina. Romanian translation by Laura Ser. Slovak translation by Lubka Kolesova. Croatian translation by Karolina Pavlov. Finnish translation by Linda Weatherfield

– It has become so dark here, – said Rybak , when he went into the entrance, and then he realized. – Ah, I need to take off my sunglasses.

He went up on foot to the sixth floor. He met with Julia and Uliana a month ago – they came for a visit to Norway. Sasha even introduced them to his girlfriend , violinist Maria, and showed them his apartment in Oslo.

В Витебске Саша Рыбак приехал в гости к своей старшей сестре Юлии.

Sasha Rybak came to visit his older sister Julia in Vitebsk

– Uliana had a birthday back then. I gave her tickets to an amusement park. It was the best day out with her. I hope she still remembers me. I’m nervous!

Sasha didn’t have to stand near the door and ring the intercom. Julia knew in advance that Sasha will visit them. They phoned each other before that.

Племяннице Ульяне певец вручил букет цветов.

The singer gave a bouquet of flowers to his niece Uliana

– Ooo, hi! I saw you yesterday at the concert – the singer hugged his sister.

– Hi, sweetie! – Rybak knelt before his 6-year-old niece. Have you cut your hair? Give me our favourite “high five”

You can realize immediately that you are in the home of Rybak’s relatives. There are pictures with Sasha around. There is the card with an autograph in the frame on the shelf.

– Wow! They prepared food for us! – the singer went into the living room. The singer gave a bouquet of flowers to his niece Uliana

А потом сделал себе фото на память.

And then he took a picture

– Today I cooked kolduny using your mom’s recipe for the first time in my life, – said Julia

– I have felt how delicious it smells here, when I was on the fourth floor yet, – added Rybak, looking at the festive table.

Uliana didn’t depart from Sasha the whole evening. Sasha was filming everything on his mobile phone.

– Sasha! When will you have such a girl? – we couldn’t resist.

– I already have one, – he looks at Uliana. – I’m still trying hard not to have my own girls. I want to pay more time for Uliana.

В квартире у сестры Рыбака даже открытка с автографом в рамочке стоит.

There is the card with an autograph in the frame in the apartment of Rybak’s sister

– Do you teach Uliana to play the violin?

– We still only learn English

And in this moment Sasha remembered that he took his violin with him. He put Uliana on his lap. First he showed her how to hold the fingers correctly, and then they started singing together

Свою племянницу Саша попытался научить играть на скрипке.

Sasha tried to teach his niece to play the violin

Julia invites her brother to the table after some singing and violin lessons

– I’ll drink Coca-Cola! – Sasha reached for the bottle.

– And I’ll drink Coca-Cola too! – Uliana continued

Среди игрушек Ульяны Саша нашел и пружинку, которую девочке на 6 лет подарила девушка певца Мария.

Sasha found the spring among Uliana’s toys, which was given for the 6-years girl’s birthday by the singer’s girlfriend Maria 

– Better try Belarusian kvass, – Julia recommended to her brother

– Oh, kvass! Let’s try!

During the meal Uliana boasted to Sasha about her new toys: a ball and a camera. Sasha suggested the first toast to their health and to Uliana’s new ball. The singer visited his sister for more than two hours. They were watching childhood’s photos and remembering stories

Первый тост был за здоровье и новый мячик Ульяны.

First toast was to their health and to  Uliana’s new ball.

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