Alexander Rybak “Strela Amura” Official Music Video (Multilingual subs)

Alexander’s video was added to his Youtube channel and the Facebookies were asked to make translation and subs for this video! It was such a pleasure to make this work!

Names of the translators are listed below:

English translation – Zhanna Sergueeva

Albanian translation – Xhorxhina Taraj

Croatian translation – Tonka Crvelin & Karolina Pavlov

Dutch translation – Marijke Arentsen

Finnish translation – Linda Weatherfield

French translation – Marion Delafoy-Martin

German translation – Susanne Berlin

Norwegian translation – Tessa Lande

Polish translation – Joanna Anaska

Romanian translation – Laura Ser

Slovak translation – Danka Čolláková

Spanish translation – Veronica Tovar

Turkish translation – Tülay Aydın

More translation are coming!:))

2 thoughts on “Alexander Rybak “Strela Amura” Official Music Video (Multilingual subs)”

  1. thankyou for the traslations, I love Alexander!! and i have a question, Alexander is in favor of gays? because it was very strange to see him showing a gay couple, I’m not for or against, but it was rare to see alexander showing this way of thinking, makes me believe he’s gay too, i hope not.

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